Notes of Tibet Overland Tour in Tibet Tour
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Notes of Tibet Overland Tour in Tibet Tour

Update: Apr. 23rd, 2012

Mt.Everest Base Camp

Since Tibet has been opened in 1985, more tourists have experienced Tibet overland tour because it almost includes the most attractions. And the Tibet tour time is totally based on tourists' plan. For example, tourists are possible to have a long time with Tibet trekking tour but also less time to tour Lhasa City within 4 days.

Notes of Tibet Overland Tour While Arriving in Tibet

1.Tourists always feel lightly dizziness and dry mouth while arriving in Lhasa. But remember not to inhale the oxygen instantly. If tourists are going to visit Mt. Everest or other attractions with higher altitude, the oxygen is better to inhale at that time. If the situation gets terrible, you are kindly suggested to go to hospital.

2.Tibet is not as opened as other scenery spots, thus the accommodation condition is limited. Actually, do not hope to stay in the five-star hotel as the same as the one you have lived in other cities. Please search the useful information before you come to Tibet and then adapt it when you are arriving here.

3.Potala Palace is the one of the famous and best place to visit in Tibet overland tour. Due to protect Potala Palace well, there are only 2300 people allowed to visit in one day. When tourists' schedule changed due to the current situation at that time, please do understand it and we will do our best to arrange our itinerary better.

4.Please do not talk about the policy issues during Tibet overland tour since Tibet is still a sensitive place.

5.Do not pick the plants or hunt the animals, which regarded as the profanity behaviors to the holy land.

6.Due to the unpredictable weather in Tibet, the itinerary is possible to change sometimes, please do understand. But the itinerary will be finished finally.

7.Do not take photos to the Tibetans, which regarded as the impolite behaviors.

8.Do not leave the team to see the self-buried, which will be possible to cause troubles.

Notes and Taboos of Tibet Overland Tour in Tibet Tour

1. Tibetans do not eat horse meat, dog meat and donkey meat, which some Tibetans in some areas of Tibet do not eat fish.

2. When tourists drink the alcohol, guests will be suggested to dip in the wine with the third finger towards to the air three times; it means worship to the god.

3. Do not clap when back to Tibetans.

4. During our Tibet overland tour, there are many monasteries. Please walk round from left to right.

5. When we pray in the monasteries during Tibet overland tour, the pray wheel must be turned from left to right, too.

6. Tibetans do not like people touching them on the head.

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