Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours by Train
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Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours by Train

Update: Nov. 18th, 2012

Tibet Train

After the Qinghai-Tibet Railway put into operation, more and more travelers would like to have Lhasa tours by train for the wonderful scenery along the way and moderate price of train ticket. Then, Chengdu is an important entry city of Lhasa tours for its convenience transportation. If you want to have comfortable and wonderful Chengdu Lhasa tours by train, there are some notes you should pay attention to.

Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours by Train – Security

Please put your valuables in the bag with you. When you wait for the train and get on the train, you are suggested to shoulder your bag on your chest and put your hand on the bag, or pay attention to the opening of the bag. Furthermore, please put your luggage at the place where you can see.

Please prepare some change for buying foods on the train, and do not check your money and property on the train. You are suggested to prepare some change in advance. Furthermore, you are suggested to put the changes at other place to reduce the risk.

When the train stops at the station, you should carefully take care of your property in order to avoid some other take away your luggage by mistake when them got off the train.

Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours by Train – Health Care

When you have Chengdu Lhasa tours by train, you should pay attention to healthy diet. Because there is no place to do exercise on the train, the process of digestion may be longer. You are suggested to have some digestive foods. If you want to buy some cooked foods when the train stops at stations, please figure out whether they are fresh to avoid suffering from diarrhea.

You are suggested get off the train to breathe some fresh air when the train stops at the station. Because the air on the train can not fully flow, you are suggested to breathe fresh air and do some exercise when the train stops at some large stations. But please pay attention the ring of departure.

If you take sleeping berth when you have Chengdu Lhasa tours by train in summer, you are suggested to sleep with your head toward the passage because the air in passage is fresher and the temperature is lower. At night, the passengers on the down sleeper berth are suggested to cover moderate quilt. Please do not get close to the window of train to avoid cold.

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