Lhasa Tours – Must-go Places in Lhasa
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Lhasa Tours – Must-go Places in Lhasa

Update: Sep. 13th, 2012

Lhasa Tours – Must-go Places in Lhasa

As the cultural center of Tibet, Lhasa is of rich cultural relics with long history. As a professional Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to provide a list of must-go places in Lhasa City for tourists' reference. Tourists could plan your Lhasa tours according to the list we provide you.

Lhasa Tours – Potala Palace

Potala Palace has been regarded as the most remarkable landmark of Tibet. It has been selected as one of the must-go places in Lhasa. Most of the tourists would like to make a visit to Potala Palace the day after arrived in Lhasa since it is located in Lhasa City and visiting Potala Palace would not be too toilsome for tourists firstly arrive in Tibet Plateau. It receives thousands of tourists every day during the peak season of Tibet tour.

Tourists make a visit to Potala Palace during the Lhasa tours would find that it is made up of the White Palace and the Red Palace. The Red Palace refers to the buildings with crimson color in the central of Potala Palace. There are principal halls, chapels, and shrines of the past Dalai Lamas. Its inner part is decorated with painting, carving, ornaments and jewelries. The White Palace refers to the buildings surrounded the Red Palace. The living quarters of the Dalai Lamas, offices, the seminary and printing houses are located in White Palace. There are also numerous shrines and chapels, as well as libraries for the important Buddhism classics and scriptures.

Lhasa Tours – Norbu Lingka

Norbu Lingka is located at the western suburbs of Lhasa. It acted as the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas and they would move to Norbu Lingka to spend the summer every year. It has been one of the must-go places in Lhasa for its picturesque garden scenery and Tibetan style architecture. Tourists make a visit here during the Lhasa tours would have the chance to appreciate the ancient Tibetan style garden and architectural art.

The main palace of Norbulingka is a three-storey construction. The first floor was used for chanting Buddhism sculptures. The third floor acted as the reception center since Dalai Lamas would receive his officials here. The decoration of Norbu Lingka integrated the Tibet-style and the style of eastern China. Different landscapes were created with the help of the stones, lake and plants. Some solemn celebration ceremonies would be held here on the important Tibetan festivals.

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