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Lhasa Tours – Local Handicrafts

Update: Sep. 12th, 2012

Lhasa Tours – Local Handicrafts

While shopping in the local markets in Lhasa, tourists would find numerous and various Tibetan local handicrafts, such and the Tibetan prayer flag, Tibetan prayer wheel and some musical instruments which would be used in the religious ceremonies. Among all those local handicrafts, the Tibetan prayer flags and Tibetan prayer wheel are always been taken away as the best souvenirs of their unforgettable Lhasa tours.

Lhasa Tours – Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Prayer wheel, also called Mani wheel by local Tibetans, is one of the most symbolic things in Tibet. During the Lhasa tours, tourists could always see Tibetans with a Tibetan prayer wheel in their hand in or outside the monasteries. There are always some big sized prayer wheels outside the monasteries. The pilgrims hold that it would be efficacious to express their wishes by turning the prayer wheels. A lot of tourists would like to take the Tibetan prayer wheel into their consideration while shopping in the local markets in Lhasa.

It is recorded that history of Tibetan prayer wheel could be dated back to 400 A.D. Prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel with a metal or wooden handle. The religious Tibetan people would put the Buddhism scriptures in the wheel and turn it. It is said that turn of the prayer wheel a circle means repeat the Buddhism scriptures in the wheel. Most Tibetans have a hand-held prayer wheel. They used to carry their prayer wheel with them and spin them around whenever they have a hand free. It is why tourists could see pilgrims with prayer wheels on the long and difficult pilgrimages.

Lhasa Tours – Tibetan Prayer Flag

The Tibetan prayer flags have been one of the most attractive sceneries in Tibet according to a group of tourists visited Tibet last year. Tibetan prayer flag is one of the most symbolic marks of Tibetan Buddhism. The local Tibetans believe that the prayer flags could help them to pray for peace and happiness, as well as spread a sense of goodwill. Tourists could see numerous Tibetan prayer flags hanging on the roof of the monasteries or the roof s of the dwellings stand on both sides of the street during the Lhasa tours.

Before take a close look of the Tibetan flags flying on the roofs of the Tibetan houses or the mountains, tourists would think that the prayer flags are just colorful clothes. Actually, the prayer flags are printed with Buddhism scriptures, Tibetan incantations, figures of Buddha and some auspicious images. In a word, the prayer flags carry the Tibetans' respect to the Buddhism and their expectation for happiness. Some of them are hung on the top of the mountains and their roofs. There are also prayer flags on the grassland or river valley.

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