How to Travel to Tibet during Bathing Festival
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How to Travel to Tibet during Bathing Festival

Update: Dec. 2nd, 2012

Bathing Festival

August and September are both the best season of traveling to Tibet when bathing festival is held from July 6th-12th of Tibetan calendar. The annual bathing activity would be held by Lhasa River.

How to Travel to Tibet during Bathing Festival - Origination

It is said that when the lightest star appears in the sky during early autumn, Tibetan Bathing Festival will start. The festival will start 7 days because the start is only available within the 7 days. But why people celebrate these days?

Long time ago there was a famous doctor who has saved many lives successfully. So he has been highly praised as the king of medicine in Tibet. After his death, pestilence has been spread very quickly in Tibet. Local people cried and prayed to the kind of the medicine. On a evening of a day, a patient who has got a message from the kind of the medicine in the dream that he told him to have a bath in the river when star appears. The next day, the patient took a shower in the river and recovered the health, and then other people did the same thing, too. Therefore, people start having a bath in the river when the star appear on July 6th - 12th of Tibet calendar.

How to Travel to Tibet during Bathing Festival - Celebration

During these days, people will take off their clothes to have a bath in Lhasa River with their families. Some people take enough Tibetan food to spend a day by Lhasa River. In old days, local Tibetans will enjoy themselves with the sunshine in the Lhasa River without any clothes whatever the olds, or the young people. But in recent years, some local Tibetans dress the bathing suit instead of bareness, as more and more tourists join them . Few people keep this tradition as of now.

There is another interesting thing that after bathing festival, fairy festival starts. It is not famous but I think it is very attraction to ladies. On that day, ladies could ask for money from the men freely. If you refused, perhaps you will miss the good luck in the whole year.

How to Travel to Tiber during Bathing Festival - Tips

Well, if you are interested in having a bath with many people together to pray a good healthy body in Tibet, you'd better come here before July 6th of Tibetan calendar to have some preperation. If you are confused of Tibetan calendar as it is sometimes different in the years, please feel free to contact us.

The personal bathing suit is better to take by yourselves, or you also can buy it in Lhasa, as well as other skin care products such as mildy wash, and sun cream, etc. It is better to ask for the suggestions of ladies if there are some in your group as they are all experts and care much then gentlemens.


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