How to Go to Tibet - Highways
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How to Go to Tibet - Highways

Update: Jan. 16th, 2012

Sichuan-Tibet Highway

How to go to Tibet will be one of the first for tourists planning a Tibet Tour. While most of the tourists choose to go to Tibet by trains or flights, there is still a certain number of tourists would like to go to Tibet by cars or buses through the highways.

How to Go to Tibet – Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Sichuan-Tibet Highway is made up of the Southern Route and the Northern Route. The Southern Route refers to No.318 National Road and stretches about 2159 kilometers. The Northern Route refers to the No.317 National Road and stretches about 2407 kilometers.

The Northern Route of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway: Chengdu(369km) – Kangding(218km) – Dawu(164km) – Garze(213km) – Dege(101km) – Jomda(122 km) – Toba (104km)– Qiamdo(170 km) – Bamda(94km) – Baxio(217km) – Bomi (215km)– Nyingchi(147km) – Gongbo'gyamda(200km) – Maizhokunggar(73km) – Lhasa

The Southern Route of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway: Chengdu(149km) – Ya'an(166km) – Luding (54km) – Kangding(156km) – Yajiang(129km) – Litang(189km) – Batang(105km) – Markam(158km) – Zogang(107km) – Bamda(94km) – Baxoi(217km) – Bomi(215km) – Nyingchi(147km) – Gongbo'gyamda(200km) – Maizhokunggar(73km) – Lhasa

How to Go to Tibet – Xinjiang-Tibet Highway

Most sections of Xinjiang-Tibet Highway pass through the depopulated areas. It stretches about 2743 kilometers from Yecheng to Lhasa.

The Xinjiang-Tibet Highway: Yecheng(69km) – Pusa(88km) – Kuda Daban(83km) – Mazar Daban(339km) – Doima(143km) – Rutog(87km) – Shiquanhe(331km) – Parga(334km) – Zhongba(145km) – Saga(293km) – Lhaze(157km) – Shigatse(337km) – Lhasa

How to Go to Tibet – Yunnan-Tibet Highway

The Yunnan-Tibet Highway refers to the No.214 National Road. It was constructed along the Ancient Tea-horse road. Kunming(397km) – Xiaguan(14km) – Dali(166km) – Lijiang(145km) – Zhongdian(152km) – Deqen(103km) – Yanjing(111km) – Makam(359km) – Baxio(450km) – Nyingchi(420km) – Lhasa

Go to Tibet through highways offers visitors the chance to take a real exploration to Tibet. Tourists could have a close contact to the natural landscapes along the highways.

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