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FAQ of Tibet Tour from Beijing

Update: Apr. 12th, 2013

Another view of Potala Palace

1. When I finish the Tibet tour, can I enter to Beijing using the same visa that I had before? Again, is Tibet in the same status as Hong Kong? Or Tibet is considered as the ordinary Chinese provinces, such as Sichuan Province, Qinghai Province or Gansu Province?

Yes, you can enter to Beijing using the same China Visa after your Tibet tour. Tibet is considered a province like Sichuan Province and it not enjoys the same status as Hong Kong which is a special administrative region.

2. Do I need to send my passport for the TTP application? If not, how and where I will obtain the TTP? Will you send it to me by email?

The original copy of your passport is not necessary. You only need to send us the scanned copies of your Passport and China Visa for the application of Tibet Travel Permit. We will not send you the TTP by email; instead, we will send your TTP to your hotel in Beijing before you boarding on the plain to Tibet. You can't board on the plain without the TTP. For tourists planning to join the Tibet train tours from Beijing, you can get on the train with the scanned copy of the TTP.

3. Which kind of documents do you need to obtain TTP? Shall I send them by email to you?

The scanned copy of your Passport and China Visa (L=tourism visa), and your occupation is necessary to obtain TTP. You may know that the diplomat or journalist is not allowed to enter into Tibet as a tourist. You can send the above necessary documents to us by email.

4. Does the TTP issue have any cost? How much? If yes, is this cost included in the Travel package? When and how I have to do the payment?

The application of the Tibet Travel Permit involves a cost of 50 RMB (about 8 US$). This cost is always included in our travel package. You should pay 100 US$ as deposit after we confirmed your participation. If you require us to help to book the flight ticket or train ticket, the deposit would be relatively higher. The balance should be paid 15 days before your departure date.

5. I am planning to join your group tours and arrive to Tibet by train from Xining. I'd like to know: from where does the tour start? Who will provide to buy the train ticket?

The tour starts from Lhasa Railway Station if you are planning to take the train to Tibet. Our guide will pick you up at Lhasa Railway Station. Some of our clients prefer to book the train ticket on themselves while the rest would require us to book the train ticket. It all depends on you.

6. Is the TTP only for the trip duration, it means only for 8 days? Is it possible to do 8-day trip and stay 2 days more in Lhasa?

Generally, there is only a trip duration only for 8 days on the TTP if you join the 8-day tour. Tourists are always required to enter and leave Tibet on the dates listed on the TTP.

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