Dancing in Tsupu Monastery in Tibet Saga Dawa Festival
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Dancing in Tsupu Monastery in Tibet Saga Dawa Festival

Update: Sep. 26th, 2012

Tibet Saga Dawa Festival

On the day of 15th of forth month of Tibet lunar calendar, some Tibetans will gather into the closest monasteries and turn wheels showing their respect to the Buddha.

We have some other articles telling you the celebration time, origination, what to do on that day and now we gonna show you the way of celebrating this festival in Tsupu Monastery. If you are planning a Tibet Saga Dawa Festival tour, Tsupu Monastery may be designed in your journey for your information.

Dancing in Tsupu Monastery in Tibet Saga Dawa Festival

With the dancing and music, Lamas gradually come to the ground of the square and walk in a group around the main hall of Tsupu monastery. And of course they are walking clockwise, as the principle and tradition of turning wheels of Tibetans. When they come into your sight, you will finally find the monks with different color clothes, red, green, gray, blue etc, and ghost masked faces.

Well, the popular ceremony of celebrating Tibet Saga Dawa Festival in Tsupu Monastery starts. It makes me so excited to watch this magic and religious dancing in Tibet, which is hard to describe with few words.

The dancers hold a long spear in right hand and a silver implement (musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass) in left hand. Acted as a circle surrounding and then lift left leg, jump, turn around, stretch arms, wave hands, move forward over and over again with the change of the music. Sometimes gathering in the center sometimes expand the formation.

After a while, about 11 o'clock in the morning, another few monks suddenly rush to the square. They danced for a moment and then get back, except two men left. In fact, they are respectively a man and a woman, which will perform a life story to people. One of the believers told me this is a way to show their best wishes to people.

As I can see around, some olds are sitting by side, some are turning the wheels all the time, some are chanting the sutras. If you have the belief in your heart you will understand the power of them.

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