Clothes in Tibet Trekking Tours
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Clothes in Tibet Trekking Tours

Update: Apr. 26th, 2012

Tibet Trekking Tours

To have Tibet trekking tours is a kind of sport which will consume large amount of energy. The suitable clothes in your Tibet trekking tours will bring you better protection and decrease the burden in your tour. Now, I would like to recommend some tips to you about the clothes in your Tibet trekking tours.

Clothes in Tibet Trekking Tours – Principle for Clothes

The basic principles for clothes in Tibet trekking tours are loosing, hard wearing and comfortable. It will be better to try to avoid dressing short sleeves and short pants in your trekking tour, which can decrease the skin been cut by rocks and plants and bitten by animals. At the same time, it is also the best way to protect your skin from sunshine radiation.

Clothes in Tibet Trekking Tours - Upper Garment

For the close-fitting clothes, the texture should be soft cotton, while not nylon fiber, which will be beneficial for perspiration. For coat, the windcheater is a good choice. In common situations, the windcheater is made up from GORE-TEX fabrics, which is water-proof and breathable, and effective for defending wind and keeping warm. About the style, most of this kind of coat can adjust the size at the waist part and with hat on it. It is very convenient. With the windcheater, you only need to wear sweater or thick woolen underwear inside it, which can resist the low temperature under zero. If you go to the snow mountain where higher than 7000 meters, the down coat is necessary.

Clothes in Tibet Trekking Tours – Pants

In your Tibet trekking tours, it will be better to choose loosing and hard wearing pants which will not affect your actions. In general, the jeans and cotton casual pants are good choice. But there is one thing should be noted, that is the pants should not be too tight, or it will bring you inconvenience or uncomfortable when you sit down or sleep. Of course, there are Anti- rock pants, windcheater pants and so on in professional trekking tours. So, you can choose suitable and comfortable pants based on your own condition and preference.

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