Best Season of Shannan Tour
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Best Season of Shannan Tour

Update: Dec. 6th, 2012


Best Season of Shannan Tour – Climate of Shannan

It is suitable to have Shannan tour in four seasons. Shannan is located in the river valley of Yarlung Zanpo River. It is temperate semi-arid, semi-humid plateau monsoon climate, with the features of long and warm winter, short and cool summer. The annual average temperature of Shannan is 5 degree to 8 degree. The average temperature of coldest month is 2 degree to 12 degree, and the average temperature of warmest month is 10 degree to 18 degree. It is one of relatively warm prefecture on Tibetan Plateau.

Best Season of Shannan Tour

The best season of Shannan tour is from June to August.

Shannan is with convenient transportation and moderate climate. The climate of Shannan is warm in winter and cool in summer. Consequently, most seasons in the year are suitable for having Shannan tour. As the birthplace of Tibetan culture, Shannan preserves more cultural and historical sight spots. Hence, the Shannan tour can be regarded as "tour of human landscapes" rather than "tour of natural scenery".

If you prefer human custom landscapes, you are suggested to have Shannan tour in June of every year. In this period, the annual "Shannan Yarlong Cultural Festival" with high prestige in Shannan will be held. During the festival, you will enjoy rich and varied Shannan song and dance performances, colorful fashion shows and custom exhibition.

Shannan is located in the tourism hinterland of Yarlung Zanpo River. There are vast expanse of fertile farmland and beautiful natural scenery. At the same time, it is also a remarkable place producing outstanding people. Comparing with landscapes in the other prefectures of Tibet, the vast, magnificent and beautiful landscapes with typical plateau features are rarely seen in Shannan.

Since the Yarlung Zanpo River Valley experiences serious drought and desertification, you may come across dusty weather if you trek from Samye Monastery to Zhayangzong Cave and Chim-puk in spring and autumn. At this time, you may get yourself into a mess for thick dust. If you do not want to get in this plight, you are suggested to prepare necessary dust-proof equipments before your Shannan tour.

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