Baksumtso Lake Travel Information
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Baksumtso Lake Travel Information

Update: Mar. 14th, 2013

Breathtaking Baksumtso

Be different from the other two holy lakes in Tibet, Baksumtso Lake is surrounded by high mountains covered with dense forests. With high transparency, Baksumtso Lake even allows tourists to witness the fishes about 2 meters below the lake surface. Baksumtso Lake is selected as one of the best summer resorts in China. The snow-capped high mountains covered with green trees and the gorgeous lake always adds more charm to each other in summer.

With an altitude of 3700 meters, Baksumtso Lake is a place quite suitable for sightseeing in summer and autumn. The colorful mountain landscape here attracts a large number of shutterbugs in autumn. In autumn, the oxygen content in the air is relatively higher. In summer, the climate here is pretty cool.

Baksumtso Lake Travel Information – Transportation and Accommodation

Baksumtso Lake is about 70 kilometers from Gongbo Gyangda County. It has convenient transportation for it is located by State Highway G318. Most of the tourists planning to pay a visit to Baksumtso Lake during their Tibet tour would like to get to Bayi Town by the shuttle bust between Nyingchi and Lhasa and then rent a vehicle to Baksumtso Lake. Bayi Town is about 120 kilometers away from Baksumtso Lake and the road condition is pretty good. For domestic tourists making a Tibet tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway could also take a stop at Lulang Forest Sea except for the Baksumtso Lake.

The guest houses are available at Baksumtso Lake. It must be an unforgettable experience to see the snow-capped mountains and beautiful lake once you open your eyes in the morning. Tourists have a high demand in the accommodation condition are highly advised to take a night halt in Bayi Town where there would be more lodging choices. It should be noted that the gust house and restaurants near by Baksumtso Lake only provide local Tibetan flavor or Sichuan style food. Tourists planning to spend a night here should prepare some solid food in case the food could not meet your appetite.

Baksumtso Lake Travel Information – Must-do Things at Baksumtso Lake

Tourists visiting Baksumtso Lake could take the raft to better enjoy the picturesque lake landscape and you will find that you've been part of the amazing picture. Pay a visit to the ancient monastery on the island in Baksumtso Lake is also well worth. The statue of Padmasambhava is enshrined in the ancient monastery of Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. With a history of more than 1500 years, the ancient monastery has stored rich historical and cultural relics. The flying prayer flag on the island made the religious atmosphere here more solemn.

Tourists making a visit to Baksimtso Lake could never miss the distinctive folk customs here. The primitive ecological environment and folk custom at Baksumtso Lake would always surprise you even you'd visited Lhasa or Mt. Everest. The Gyeba Village with about 80 Tibetan families is one of the largest villages in Nyingchi. Some tourists would like to pay a visit to this village with profound Tibetan atmosphere after sightseeing at Baksumtso Lake. Firstly, tourists might impressed by their dressing culture. The local Tibetans in this village are quite noted for their hospitality. They always serve their guests with their best local specialties.

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