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Attractive Shannan Tours of Tibet Travel Service

Update: Aug. 7th, 2012

Yamdrok Lake

Shannan Prefecture is the cradleland of Tibetan culture. It is located at southeastern Tibet, the middle and lower reaches of the main stream of Yarlung Zangbo River.

Shannan highlights mainly include Yumbu Lakhang, Samye Monastery and Tombs of the Tibetan Kings, all of which tell Tibet story to tourists. Tibet Travel Service offered by divided Shannan tours into four parts, Shannan splendid tour, Shannan discovery tour, Shannan Buddhism tour and Shannan highlights tour.

Lhasa/Shigatse/Shannan Splendid Tour

Tibet is noted for its long history and mysterious culture. This route offers you the chance to explore the history and culture of Tibet. The ancient Yumbu Lakhang which presents an ancient architectural style was said to be the first palace of Tibet. You can also make a visit to Tsedang – the cradle of Tibetan civilization. The rich historical and cultural relics in Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and some other monasteries will also make you learn more about Tibet.

Lhasa/Shigatse/Shannan Discovery Tour

Buddhism culture is an important part of Tibetan civilization. Samye Monastery is an ancient treasury of Tibetan culture. As it is not very clear to Lhasa, there are few people visiting there. In my opinion, somewhere visited by few people could remain the true style.

The scenic spots on the way to Shannan Prefecture mainly include Samye Monastery and Tombs of the Tibetan Kings. Tsedang is the main city of Shannan Prefecture.

Lhasa/Shigatse/Shannan Buddhism Tour

As we know, Drepung Monastery is the largest monastery in the world. Sera Monastery is noted for its Buddhism scripture debating. This route helps people who are interested in religious Tibet. You can visit the main monasteries in Lhasa and Yungbu Lakhang, Trundruk Monastery, and Samye Monastery in Shannan, all of which will give you a chance to touch Tibetan Buddhism, but also Tibetan culture and Tibetan history.

Buddhism culture is one of the aspects of Tibetans daily life, which is also the essential part of Tibet tour of Tibet travel service. We kindly suggest you to follow your heart on the way and find the thing you are pursuing.

Lhasa/Shigatse/Shannan Highlights Tour

Tibet attracts tourists from all over the world not only for its amazing natural landscapes and long history but also for its local traditions and folk customs. This classic tour includes the highlights of Tibet tours such as wonderful nature and mysterious folk customs.

You can also experience the profound Buddhism culture in various monasteries, among which Ganden Monastery is one of the 6 great monasteries of Gelug Sect.

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