2013 Xegar Itinerary
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2013 Xegar Itinerary

Update: Apr. 11th, 2013


2013 Xegar Itinerary

D8 Zhada County – Mayoumula – Payam

Continuous steep cliffs, pure ice peaks, and high snow mountains will rush into our eyes on our way to Payam from Zhada County today. You may freely shout wow for a long time everywhere. The distinctive and amazing high plateau landscape here attracts a large number of tourists especially interested in the adventure tours in Lhasa City. It is so hard to refuse the chance to experience and conquer the roof of the world for most of explorers. Don't think it is an unforgettable memory for most of people who appreciate the breathtaking scenery and fresh air here. And you might easily touched by the fancy-free Tibetan children with bright smile along the way in highland. It would be a so incredible memory when you look back after many years. Do you remind your wonderful but past childhood at that moment? Do you miss your old friends and past sunny days? Today may be one of the days for us to feel the blue sky so closely and touch the most depth corner of our heart easily during the period when we stay in Tibet.

What should be noted is that we need to be under the blazing sun for a pretty long time and the preparation for the sun-blocking is very necessary.

D9 Payam – Saga County

Payam is a small town of Zhongpa County, featuring a western life style. You will have a chance to enjoy the attractive amazing national dressings and freely crowded sheep and so on in the vast and endless land. Payam is actually well known as the amazing and wonderful fields and gardens scenery in Tibet plateau. It composes of the unbelievable high mountains, ice peaks, green grasslands, colorful tents, running kids, flying prayer flags, and quiet scared lakes and so on.

Along the way, you can take a glimpse of the wonderful peaks' scenery that over 8000 meters high. As you may know, some of the highest mountains and peaks can be appreciated in Tibet such as Shishapangpa, Lotse Peak, Qomolangma, Makalu Peak, and Cho Oyu Peak, etc. When you reach Saga County, you reach the wild and endless no man's land area. Amazing, wonderful! What you should note today is the carsickness. It is relatively longer time to stay in the car today, that is to say, you'd better take some medicines for the carsickness.

D10 Saga County – Peigutso Lake – Shishapangma Peak – New Tingri (Xegar)

Today we will visit beautiful pure lake – Peigutso Lake in Gyilong County and pass over the Gyatsola Snow Mountain which is 5220 meters high. Finally arrive in New Tingri (Xegar). Mt. Everest could be also appreciated on the way to Xegar – New Tingri (New Tingri is also called Xegar).

Shishapangma is located in Nyelam County, in the northwest of Mt. Everest. It is 8012 meters high, well known as one of the highest mountains of Himalaya Mountain Range. Also, it ranks the No. 14 highest peak throughout the world. There are full of steep cliffs, risk rocks, and ice fissures, etc, on Shishapangma Peak. After entering Gyirong County, you'll see large numbers of primitive forest resource, rare fauna and floras, and pure sceneries.

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