2013 Lhasa Itinerary – Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple
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2013 Lhasa Itinerary – Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple

Update: Apr. 10th, 2013

Potala Palace

2013 Lhasa Itinerary – Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple

D1: Arrive in Lhasa

Generally speaking, Tibet tour local guide will meet you at the railway station or the airport. We will drive you to the hotel in Lhasa City. The railway station is about 50 kilometers far from the downtown, and the airport is about 50 kilometers far from the city center. You can take your time to adapt the highland environment and plateau climate.

Tips: The first day is very important for people who are the first time to visit Tibet. Lhasa City stands about 3650 meters high with about 30% lesser oxygen than other cities of China. And that is why most of tourists will feel the slight symptoms of high altitude sickness such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, etc. When you suffer such as the feelings above, you are supposed to be calm down, keep optimistic, drink water often (not very much every time), eat more fruits, and have a very good rest, etc. All of which are the best ways to prevent high altitude sickness in Tibet and make you feel better as soon as possible. In addition, you'd better stay a relatively quieter place, and not take a shower at first day.

D2: Potola Palace - Jokhang Temple - Barkhor Street - Lhasa Old Town

In the morning, we will always take our guests to visit the beautiful and sacred Potala Palace – the popular landmark of Tibet. It usually takes us 1 hour. There are full of crowded people from home and abroad around Potala Palace whenever you come, and most of them are devout pilgrims and religious believers.

Potala Palace was originally built in AD 7th century during the period of Songtsen Gampo – the king of Tubo Dynasty. It stands for the majesty of the political center of Tibet, which shows magnificent and solemn. Since the 17th Century, wonderful Potala Palace is regarded as not only the permanent residence, but also the winter political office for successive Dalai Lama's. It is well known for the high historical value and extraordinary treasures. Nowadays more and more people expect to understand her well, which makes her more popular throughout the world. It has been already listed as the famous World Cultural Relics.

After lunch, you will get a chance to closely witness and feel the most religious and honorable Buddhist temple in Tibet – Jokhang Temple. It takes about 1 hour, too. Jokhang Temple was first built in AD 7th Century during the period of Tubo Dynasty by the King of Tibet at that time – Songtsen Gampo. Originally, it was a gift for the Princess Bhrikuti, Nepal, but became popular and worth respecting in Tibet after the 12-year-old Sakyamuni Statue enshrined and worshipped inside the temple by Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty. The 12-year-old Sakyamuni Statue was personally presented by the Buddha and thought to be the most sacred one by religious Buddhists in Tibet. It has been highly respected by local people since ancient times.

Attention, the top of the monastery around the golden roof is one of the best locations to sightseeing the amazing Potala Palace. Yaowang Hill is said to be the best location to enjoy the best view of beautiful Potala Palace, which is located opposite to Potala Palace.

After that, we will take a ramble at the free market in Tibet – Barkhor Street. Barkhor Street is actually available outside the Jokhang Temple. Most of the pilgrims from home and abroad will gather here when they pray to Jokhang Temple. You can enjoy many small stylish and national stores on both sides of the street as you wish.

Tips: Generally speaking, you'd better take your skin care products equipments such as sunglass and sunscreen cream and a bottle of water even though you travel to Tibet in winter, as it is relatively longer time you stay outside, and the solar radiation is stronger than you can imagine. Do not take any photos inside magnificent Potala Palace and religious Jokhang Temple, or other small monasteries in Tibet.

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