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Tibet Trains

Update: Aug. 29th, 2012

Tibet Train

Based on the climate, environment and snow-covered plateau scenery, the whole design of Tibet Trains not only fully show modern and amenity, but also solve the problem about adapting to the plateau environment and atrocious weather.

Tibet Trains – Coaches

Tibet Trains are equipped with two soft sleeper coaches and each of them with 32 soft sleepers; 8 hard sleeper coaches and each of them with 60 hard sleeper, and four hard seat coaches and each of them with 98 seats. Hence, a Tibet train can contain 936 passengers.

Hard Sleeper Coach

Each hard sleeper cabin equipped with 6 beds. Except for quilt, pillow, thermos and tray, there are oxygen facilities, toplight and smoke alarm at the head of each bed. The Tibet trains will start to supply oxygen for free from Golmud to Lhasa, and with medical personnel on the train. Passengers can use the independent straw to uptake oxygen. Besides, there are oxygen supply ports outside the cabin, about 5 in each coach. The luggage rack is on the upper bed.

Soft Sleeper Coach

There are four beds in each soft sleeper cabin. Except the facilities in hard sleeper coach, there are clothes-rack, 14 inch TV, slipper, plug (under the desk, 220V), television controller, earphone, independent headlight on the head of bed.

Tibet Trains – Dining Car

The dining car on Tibet trains almost in the seventh coach, with 44 seats. It provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no western style breakfast. Tibet trains almost provide milk, porridge, steamed bun and pickles for breakfast; stir-fry dishes and rice for lunch and dinner. The price of set meal is 20 RMB for each one. Furthermore, passengers also can order dishes which almost higher than 20 RMB. Passengers are kindly suggested to prepare some foods in advance.

Tibet Trains – Oxygen Supply

Tibet trains are equipped with two oxygen supply systems. The first system is to mix the air in air-conditioner system so that the oxygen content in each coach can reach 23%. Another one is independent port which can be used by passengers directly.

Tibet Trains – Running Time

It will take about 24 hours from Xining to Lhasa. The Tibet trains almost reach Golmud at daybreak and reach Lhasa in evening, which let passengers can fully enjoy breathtaking plateau scenery in daytime. Tibet trains will only stop at large railway stations after Golmud, such as Nagqu. Consequently, passengers only can enjoy the scenery and take photos on the train.

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