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Tibet Trains - Safety

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Oxygen Supply on Tibet Train

Tibet Trains - Two Oxygen Supply Systems

When Tibet trains reach 2000 meters above the sea level, the oxygen generation machines on the trains will open. Tibet Trains are equipped with two oxygen supply systems to meet the different oxygen demand of passengers. The first system is diffusion style oxygen supply, making the oxygen content in coaches reach 23.5% through mixing oxygen with the air in air-conditioner system. The other one is dispersed oxygen supply system. Passengers who need more oxygen can uptake oxygen with the straw under seat to avoid high altitude sickness. On the wall of each sleeper compartment, there is an oxygen supply port at the head of each berth. Passengers only need to push up the cover and press hole, the oxygen will come out.The oxygen will stop once press the hole again.

Tibet Trains - UV Light Prevention Window

The train windows of Tibet trains are larger than the common trains which let passengers can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. In fact, the train widows have more important function. In order to resist the strong ultraviolent rays on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is a UV light coating between the two glasses. Hence the transmissivity of UV is less than 13.3%. It can protect passengers from the UV light. On Tibet trains, the curtain also can resist UV light. The two curtains almost can resist all sunshine. Furthermore, all train windows are equipped with pressure balancing device to prevent the train windows out of shape and cause damage to the train.

Tibet Trains - Lightning Protection Device

In order to adapt to the natural condition of multiple lightning strikes on plateau, there are lightning protection devices on each coach which can effectively protect Tibet trains from the lightning strikes, and protect the electric tension, network and signal line system on the trains.

Tibet Trains - Shock Absorption, Noise Reduction Technology

The Tibet trains are very stable, passengers almost can not feel it is running and the noise in the coaches is very low. It is reported that Tibet trains used several shock absorption and noise reduction technologies which make passengers can have a more comfortable train journey.

Tibet Trains - Good Seal Performance

In order to enhance the seal performance of Tibet trains and resist the sand and snowstorm, Tibet trains set up device cabin under the train which can effectively protect the devices under the train from sand and snowstorm. Furthermore, Tibet trains first used seal structure plug door which can reduce the access of train to outside world. It not only enhances the sand-proof performance of Tibet trains, but also guarantees the oxygen supply effect on the train.

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