Key Words about Tibet Trains
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Key Words about Tibet Trains

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Delicacy on Tibet Train

Key Words about Tibet Trains - Oxygen Supply Port

In order to protect passengers on Tibet trains from high altitude sickness, the oxygen supply ports on the trains offer good solution. In hard seat coaches, there is oxygen supply port under every seat. In sleeper coaches, there is oxygen supply port at each berth and the upper side of the bench in passage. The oxygen supply port is available once the train come into the first station on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau - Golmud Station. If appear high altitude sickness, passengers can inform the attendant on the train immediately, and use the oxygen supply port under their instruction. At the same time, the oxygen supply port is free.

Key Words about Tibet Trains - Tibetan Characteristics

The most obvious difference between Tibet trains and common trains is the special Tibetan characteristics at everywhere.

In consideration to Tibetan passengers and foreign travelers, all instructions on Tibet trains are marked with Chinese, Tibetan language and English. The glass doors which connecting coaches together are painted with typical Tibetan patterns. Along the way, the broadcaster will use Tibetan language, Chinese and English to broadcast.

Key Words about Tibet Trains - Delicacy

On Tibet trains, the delicacy on sale will be adjusted based on the stop station along the way. In Sichuan area, the Tibetan trains will sell Sichuan Hot and Sour Rice Noodles which is 10RMB for each one. After arriving Lanzhou, the main delicacy on Tibet trains will be Lanzhou Stretched Noodles which is 10 RMB for each bowl. In Qinghai Province, there are delicious Qinghai yoghurt which is 5 RMB. After the Nagqu Station in Tibet, Tibet trains start to sell jerky and beef noodle. Furthermore, there are fresh fruits on sell and which is 10 RMB for each one in the whole journey because the air in Tibet is very dry.

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