Travel to Tibet in Winter
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Travel to Tibet in Winter

Time:Dec. 30th, 2011By: JessieSource: Xinhuanet


Travel to Tibet in Winter – Ticket Price Cut

Many people travel to Tibet in Winter because of the activity holding in Tibet while the admission price of most scenic spots of Tibet was cut 50% around.

Travel to Tibet in Winter – Attraction

It is being quit and peaceful in winter of Tibet. With the borderless sky and floating clouds, sunlight shining around the Potala Palace and Tibetan's face, people will feel holy in heart seems the god standing in front of us. When you step in the land of Tibet Region, the vintage stories of ancient history of Tibet are full of the air and wind.

Sit in the Johkang Temple with chant sutras, or enjoy relaxing in the teahouse of Barkor Street, the stress in modern life will be out of your mind instead of a placid attitude toward life. Wander around Yarlung Zangbo Canyon which is the last virgin land in the world, or have a wonderful view of Namjagbrawa Peak, the nature is always surprised human beings with its own magnificence and mystery. Whatever the life you own, you can join in the Tibetan's jamboree, or just lie down on the bank of Lake Pagsum Co, exploring the true self during the life.

With the activities holding in winter in Tibet, tourists come here will have a good time with the spectacular event but also the unknown beauty of winter in Tibet.

Travel to Tibet in Winter – Cultural Landscape

After the harvest time of autumn once a year, Tibetans will start the pilgrimage to the holy land Lhasa without any money or food from their hometown. Thus much more pilgrims will be seen on the way in winter. Pilgrimages hold hands and crawled longing the best life in the future, which impresses people themselves.

In winter, the Potala Palace, the Mt. Everest and the Johkang Temple features different scenery in the sun that been appreciated by few tourists.

There are many unique restaurants characteristic of Tibetan feature in Barkhor Street, which the outdoor restaurant in the sun totally is famous in Tibet Region.

Travel to Tibet in Winter – Illumination Festival

Tsongkapa, the great reformer of Tibetan Buddhism and founder of the Gelukpa Sect, died on the 25th October of Tibetan calendar in 1419. In memory of the day every household burns countless butter lamps on rooftops and chant prayers in his honor. Late in the evening Tibetan dumpling is served for supper.

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