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Tibetan Opera Reveals Its Charm during the Celebration of Shoton Festival 2012

Time:2012-08-24By: CherrySource: Chinanews.com

Tibetan opera performance

The celebration of Shoton Festival 2012 started on August 17th. It is the most solemn religious festival for local Tibetans while it is a great chance to explore the tradition of Tibet for tourists. Shoton Festival provides tourists both at home and abroad a Tibetan culture feast while presenting the happy life of local Tibetans.

Buddha exhibition is the opening ceremony of Shoton Festival. It is also one of the most solemn and important ceremonies during the celebration of Shoton Festival. Early in the dawn, lamas in Drepung Monastery would carry out the giant Thangka of Buddha Sakyamuni with the company of deep religious trumpethush. Then the pilgrims would get close to the Buddha clockwise and pray for blessing.

Tibetan opera performance is another important item except for the Buddha exhibition during the celebration of Shoton Festival. The main Tibetan opera schools and organizations from various regions of Tibet would gather together at Norbu Lingka in Lhasa. They would present their best performance and the performance would last for several days. Norbu Lingka is always crowded by hilarious audiences and performers. The audiences would come here with their family members and friends, sitting on the lawn, eating the local snacks especially made for Shotom Festival while enjoying the wonderful performance.

Tibetan opera is called Akye Lham in Tibetan. It is praised as the living fossil of Tibetan culture with a history of more than 600 years. It has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009. It always reveals its charm during the celebration of some traditional Tibetan festivals.

Except for the Buddha exhibition and Tibetan opera performance, the horse racing and some other traditional competitions also attracted a large number of local Tibetans and tourists. Some of the tourists would like to choose the Tibet tour packages involved some activities for tourists to experience the daily life of local Tibetans, such as the Tibetan family visiting. Tourists visiting the local Tibetan families would have the chance to witness the making process of the Tibetan butter oil tea or traditional yoghourt.

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