Tibet Natural Wetland is the Habitat of Plateau Biology - Ngari, Lhasa, Nagqu
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Tibet Natural Wetland is the Habitat of Plateau Biology - Ngari, Lhasa, Nagqu

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Tibetan Antelope

If you come to Tibet in winter, you may have a chance to see a group of wild plateau biologies flying over Lhasa Lalu Wetland during Tibet tour, which the land covers an area of 12.2 square meters. As you may know, Lalu Wetland is one of the common habitat of plateau biology such as tadorna ferruginea, mallard, gray duck, and Eurasian Coot and so on. Due to protect the amazing natural environment of Lalu Wetland, a series of regulations of administration has been approved by the State, which was invested with more than 700,000,000 RMB.

The series of regulations will ask civilizations to move out from the Lalu Wetland and aimed to recover the zoology and nature around the wetland, which make the rare birds and other scarce animals to be detected and protected by people.

As a matter of fact, Lalu Wetland is about 3600 meters higher than the sea level, located in the center of Lhasa City. It stretches from the east to the west and highly called "the lungs of Lhasa City" by local people, as it is full of fresh air and primitive ecology there. Not only the acreage of Lalu Wetland ranks No. 1 of all the city wetlands, but also the altitude is the highest one of China. There are forty-three categories of terrestrial wild animals, 152 categories of aquatic wild animals and 101 categories insects perching in Lalu Wetland. Both of Black crane and lammergeier can be appreciated here as well as other first-grade State protection animals.

Actually, Tibet Wetland is highly praised as the "Species Gene Bank" on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau because of its unique ecological environment and lots of different kinds of wild animals. According to the relative record, there is about 6,040,000 hectare of wetland in Tibet, which ranks the No. 1 of the total acreage of wetland of China.

In addition, there is another fantastic wetland located nearby Mapam Yungtso Lake (Lake Manasarovar) in Pulan County, the southwestern boundary county of Tibet. It refers to the area including Mapam Yungtso Lake, Lake Rakshastal and the swamps, rivers and wetland around, which is well known as the name of "Living Museum" in local. In recent years, the Mapam Yungtso Wetland and the one in Nagqu Prefecture are both recorded in "International Important Wetland List". All of the wetlands in Tibet cover an area of 117278 hectare in total. And one more thing is, both of the basin wetland, Yamdrok Wetland and other 11 wetlands in Tibet are recorded in "the Conservation Reserve Program of Wetland of China".

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