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Tibet Launches the First Altitude Sickness Insurance in China

Time:2012-05-23By: LeoSource: news.cn

Tibet Launches the First Altitude Sickness Insurance in China

Tibet launches the first altitude sickness insurance in China on May 22nd. This insurance fills a vacancy in the insurance industry.

Because of the high altitude and special climate on Tibet Plateau, the possible diseases caused by the altitude sickness became the strongest risk for tourists planning a Tibet tour. The most common plateau pulmonary edema and enxephaledema caused by the altitude sickness might threaten one's life. The series of diseases caused by the altitude sickness are not included in the settlement of the insurance claim among the existing accident insurance products.

To guarantee the physical health and life safety of tourists, and attract more tourists all around the world come to Tibet, Tibet Tourism Bureau and the Branch Company of China Life Insurance launch the altitude sickness insurance direct at the special tourism environment and safety of Tibet. It is the first altitude sickness insurance in China. The launch of this insurance will make tourists come to Tibet with a relieved heart.

The launch of the innovate insurance product is a new breakthrough in the insurance industry, as well as a new breakthrough in Tibet tourism industry according to the deputy general of Tibet Tourism Bureau. The altitude sickness insurance revels out the worries and concerns of tourists planning to join the Lhasa tours.

It is introduced that the altitude sickness insurance product would be available for all the Tibet tour tourists. The insurance period is 15days. This product has two types, the premium of each type of the altitude sickness insurance is 50 RMB and 100 RMB respectively. Tourists are required to pay the premium one-off. The highest coverage of per capita reaches 0.1 million and 0.2 million RMB respectively.

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