The Oldest Feline Fossil has been Found in Ngari
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The Oldest Feline Fossil has been Found in Ngari

Time:Dec. 23rd, 2013By: Source:

Tibetan Antelope

The Oldest Feline Fossil has been Found in Ngari

Ngari attracts lots of tourists because it is very far from Lhasa City and its amazing wild primitive scenery there. Hence, Ngari tour is also concerned by many hikers and explorers.

Based on the latest fossil's research, the large feline that similar with snow leopard was living in Himalaya Area about 6,000,000 years ago. The research has testified that the large fossil may originate from Asia but not Africa.

Many researchers from the Institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology of Chinese Academy of Science, the South California College of America, and the Museum of Natural History of America successively found seven pieces of ancient feline fossils at the center area of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Zhada Basin of Tibet Autonomous Region. The research says that the feline fossil that found in Zhada Basin is representative a new type of feline snow leopard. The new category was named "Bu" and it is the most oldest type of leopard that we have known currently.

Actually, the first group of the feline fossils have been found successfully in 2010, which some of them could be dated back to 5,950,000 - 4,100,000 years ago. Hence, the saying that the category of leopard originated from Tanzania should be corrected now.

Moreover, other categories of the animals' fossil were also found in Tibet, which testified that Tibet may be the birthplace of many ancient animals. And this is why Tibet seems mysterious to people. Nowadays, more and more people love Tibet because it is far, amazing and fantastic and the Tibet tour plan become one of the their must-do things in their lifetime. Regarding the questions of how to come to Tibet and how to go to Ngari during Tibet tour, please feel free to contact us. We Tibet tour team are very glad to be at your service.

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