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Opening Ceremony of Yalong Cultural Festival was Held in Tsedang on August 15th

Time:2012-08-16By: TiffanySource: Meiya Net

lamas in Mindroling Monastery

The opening ceremony of Yalong Cultural Festival 2012 was held in Tsedang on the night of August 15th. Some cultural heritages, such as the Tibetan opera, manufacture of the handicrafts and folk dance performance were presented in the ceremony. Besides, a series of cultural activities, such as the folk song contest, cultural forum and photography exhibition will also be held in the coming 7 days. Tourists both at home and abroad come to Shannan Prefecture during this festival would have the chance to enjoy a grand banquet of Tibetan culture.

The Yalong Cultural Festival 2012 aims at demonstrating the folk characteristics of the cradle of Tibetan civilization according to the director of the Tourism Bureau of Shannan Prefecture. Various cultural activities during the celebration of the festival aims at demonstrating the Tibetan folk customs, agricultural culture, Tibetan medicine, Thangka painting and some other local cultures. Besides, the cultural festival will also introduce several special folk customs tourism routes for tourists' reference, such as the Wangkor Festival Tour. It is reported that the number of people take part in the cultural activities during the festival will surpass 10 thousands.

Yalong is the ancient name of Shannan Prefecture, which is located at the south of Gangdise Mountains. It is the cradle land of Tibetans and Tibetan civilization. The cave which witnessed the origin of Tibetan, the first king in Tibet, the first monastery in Tibet, the first palace in Tibet and the first village in Tibet are all in Shannan Prefecture. Various Tibetan style artistic forms were also originated in Shannan Prefecture. The Yalong Cultural Festival is of great significance for the protection and inheritage of Tibetan culture, and will also do great help to the development of the Tibet tourism.

Some of the cultural scenic spots in Shannan Prefecture, such as Yumbu Lakhang, Trundruk Monastery, Samye Moanstery, Mindroling Monastery and Tombs of the Tibetan Kings are always taken into the Tibet train tour packages. Tourists especially interested in the culture and history of Tibet are highly advised to make a visit to the cultural spots in Shannan. The rich historical collections in these spots would offer you the chance to know more Tibetan stories.

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