Number of visitors travel to Tibet to spend the Spring Festival in 2014 peaks in recent years
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Number of visitors travel to Tibet to spend the Spring Festival in 2014 peaks in recent years

Time:Feb. 10th, 2014By: LeoSource: Xinhua Net

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According to the latest statistics provided by Tibet Tourism Bureau, Tibet received 230,179 person times during this Spring Festival Holiday. That number increased 7.81 percent compared to the same period of last year and create a new record.

It is reported that about 107,613 person times spent more than one night in Tibet among the 230,179 person times. At the same time, more than 122, 500 visitors joined the one day sightseeing tours in Lhasa. Tibet achieved a total tourism revenue of 185.18 million Yuan during the Spring Festival Holiday in February 2014 and that increased 13.3 percent compared to the same period of the last year.

Winter is widely regarded as the low season of Tibet tour, but relevant departments in Tibet carried out a series of measures to attract more visitors during the celebration of the Spring Festival. A series of conferences regarding the introduction and promotion of the Tibet tour products in winter had been held in several domestic cities in the end of 2013. A certain number of tourists are more eager to travel to Tibet to enjoy the different natural view and explore the local folk customs. Besides, advertisements regarding the tourism products in Tibet on the internet and some other media also attract a large quantity of tourists both at home and abroad to spend their winter holiday in Tibet.

Tourists planning to travel to Tibet during the Spring Festival Holiday should make good preparation for the special weather condition on Tibet Plateau. The climate in Lhasa during the winter holiday is always characterized by obvious temperature difference. The temperature would be very pleasant during the daytime with warm sunshine, but it would drop rapidly in the night. The temperature in Nyingchi is relatively higher than Lhasa for its lower altitude. It is necessary to prepare some warm clothes for tourists planning to visit Mt. Everest, Lake Namtso or some other places with high altitude.

There is certain discount in the air tickets, hotel rooms and admission tickets of the scenic spots during the Spring Festival. But there is no big difference between the price of the vehicle renting in February and April for a lot of drivers would drive their vehicle back to their hometown to send their winter holiday. It means the tourist vehicles in Lhasa are much less during the winter holiday month compared to the other months. For tourists willing to join the Tibet train tours in early February, it is advisable to book the train tickets in advance though the train tickets are not in extremely large demand in this season.

Compared to the Spring Festival, local Tibetans put more emphasis in the celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival. Tourists who've traveled to Tibet during the Spring Festival in early February 2014 might have found that there is a special festival atmosphere in different corners in Lhasa for local Tibetans would always start to prepare for the celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival about one month in advance.

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