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Latest News on Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Time:2013-02-07By: CherrySource: Xinhua Net

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Qinghai-Tibet Railway starts from Xining in the east and ends at Lhasa in the west. It is the highest highway above the sea level with an altitude of 5072 meters at its highest point. The operation of Qinghai-Tibet Railway provides great convenience for tourists planning a Tibet tour.

Latest News on Qinghai-Tibet Railway – An Extra Train will be Opened

An extra passenger train between Xining and Golmud will be opened to meet the demand of passengers, according to the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company. It is predicted that a large number of domestic passengers will back to Golmud or Lhasa for work after the Chinese Spring Festival Golden Week. In fact, the Tibetan New Year Festival and the Lunar Spring Festival would be celebrated in the same period in 2013. There is a large quantity of tourists planning to spend their winter vacation in Tibet to experience a distinctive festival atmosphere.

It is reported that the extra passenger train between Xining and Golmud will be firstly opened on February 15th (January 6th according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar). This passenger train will depart from Xining at 22:00 p.m. and arrive in Delingha around 03:48 a.m. It will finally get to Golmud at 7:32 in the morning. This passenger train is a late-model air conditioned train with 8 hard seat cabins, 8 hard sleeper cabins and 1 soft sleeper cabin. Tourists planning to go to Golmud after the Chinese Spring Festival could book the tickets in advance.

The passenger trains on Qinghai-Tibet Railway implement the new running schedule to better meet the demand of passengers. The time schedule of some of the trains running on Qinghai-Tibet Railway were adjusted according to the specific transport conditions. The running time of certain trains to Lhasa will decrease about half an hour after the adjustment, according to the related principal of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company.

Latest News on Qinghai-Tibet Railway – Latest Weather Condition

Most sections of Qinghai-Tibet Railway enjoy a cloudy weather and a few sections have snow weather between February 1st and 5th. On February 1st, it snows slightly in Damgxung County - the location of Namtso Lake and the thickness of the snow on the ground reaches 4.4 centimeters. Nagqu suffers a sudden snow. The amount of precipitation at Nagqu and Damgxung is much larger compared to the same period of last year. The average temperature in Nagqu and Ando is about 1 Celsius higher compared of the same period of the past years while the average temperature in Lhasa and Damgxung is about 1 Celsius lower. The sections of Qinghai-Tibet Highway in Tibet don't suffer any strong wind in this period this year.

It is predicted that there would be slight snow in the section between Ando and Nagqu, and it will be cloudy in the Damgxung-Lhasa section around February 6th. The Ando-Nagqu section might suffer heavy snow and the Damgxung-Lhasa section might suffer slight snow around February 7th. The temperature might decrease 5-8 Celsius after the snow. Tourists making a Tibet tour by train during this period are highly advised to prepare enough cold-proof clothes. Besides, the Ando-Damgxung section might be attacked by a strong wind with a wind scale around 8.

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