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Tin Bo Hotel

Update: Feb. 20th, 2013

Tin Bo Hotel

Tin Bo Hotel – Brief Introduction

Tin Bo Hotel is located at center of Lhasa City. It only takes about 5 minutes to reach the famous Potala Palace and 10 minutes to walk to the Jokhang Temple. It is separated from well-known Ramoche Monastery in Tibet by a wall. To go toward west from Tin Bo Hotel, you will reach Lhasa Department Store and Lhasa Commercial Pedestrian Street. Around Tin Bo Hotel, there are bank, supermarket, hospital, etc. the transportation of Tin Bo Hotel is very convenient.

Tin Bo Hotel - Lobby

The lobby of Tin Bo Hotel was designed with Tibetan style. The combination of red, white, blue and other colors is with obvious Tibetan characteristics and creates warm and elegant atmosphere. When you walk into the lobby, you will appreciate the long history of Tibetan culture.

Tin Bo Hotel – Guest Room

Tin Bo Hotel is equipped with 90 guest rooms which are with different standard and style. All of these guest rooms can contain about 160 customers. The hardware facilities in guest rooms are the top grade. The design, facilities and service items of guest rooms show the belief of "people oriented". The top grade sunshine suite is decorated with high standard furniture, and beddings are arranged based on five-star standard. At the same time, the suite is equipped with a King-size bed which is 2.0 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, high grade sofa, two color TVs which are as large as 29 inches, double bathrooms, steam room and special study. All of these fully show humanization design and provide you high quality enjoyment. Besides, there are Tibetan style suite, Tibetan style standard room, business single room, Chinese style deluxe standard room in Tin Bo Hotel. All of these guest rooms are equipped based on three-star standard.

Tin Bo Hotel – Meeting Room

Tin Bo Hotel is equipped with a middle size meeting room which can contain 100 persons to hold training activities or have meeting. This meeting room is equipped with high grade audio, lights, TV with large screen and other high grade equipments. Tibetan style meeting room of Tin Bo Hotel can contain 70 persons to 80 persons. This meeting room was designed and decorated based on Tibetan style and characteristics. It is an ideal place for entertaining guests and having party with friends.

Tin Bo Hotel – Dining Hall

The dining hall of Tin Bo Hotel can contain 200 persons to have meal at the same time. The dining hall provides Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine and Tibetan cuisine which are made by famous cooks from star standard hotels in Beijing, Chengdu, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other districts. The decoration of the dining hall is fresh and exquisite. In the dining hall, there are some deluxe compartments which named after the districts in Jiangsu. Among these compartments, the Shazhou and Yangzhou can separately contain about 20 persons to have meal at the same time. The style of each compartment is different. The hall of the dinging hall is very wide, quiet and comfortable. It is very pleasant to taste delicious foods in top grade environment.

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