Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel
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Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel

Update: Feb. 18th, 2013

Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel

Brief Introduction of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel

Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel is a company which belongs to Tibetan Mining Co., Ltd. It is located on the golden street of Lhasa City. It is a tourist and business hotel concerning on foreign affairs. It was built under five-star standard. It integrates lodging, dining, conference and entertainment. Around Xin Ding Hotel, there are supermarket, hospital, bank and other facilities. The transportation of Xin Ding Hotel is very convenient. It only takes about 5 minutes to drive to the well-know World Cultural Heritage – Potala Palace, about 10 minutes to walk to Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Monastery and Barkhor Street, about 20 minutes to drive to Lhasa Railway Station and about 45 minutes to drive to Lhasa Gonggar Airport. It is an ideal choice for tourism, commerce negotiation and entertainment.

The decoration of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel is continental style, adorned with some Tibetan folk ornaments. It is a high standard hotel in Lhasa. Since the Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel was built based on five-star standard, it is equipped with the most splendid and imposing hall in Lhasa. If you choose the deluxe sight seeing room of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel, you can enjoy the famous Potala Palace through window. In the room on south section of the hotel, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lhasa River.

The management staff of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel is a united and effective group consists of elites from Sofitel Hyland, Sheraton and other famous hotels. On the basis of first class hardware facilities, staff of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel tries their best to be "the lady and gentleman who provides service to ladies and gentlemen". In order to be the first class hotel in Lhasa, the staff of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel tried their best.

Facilities and Service of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel

Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel regards European and American customers as the main service market. The facilities of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel are on the premises of meeting the need of European and American customers. Facilities in Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel are similar with five-star standard hotel, and the hotel was also built under five-star standard.

Guest Room Facilities

Facilities in guest rooms of Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel also can compare with five-star hotels. Facilities in guest rooms include free domestic long-distance phone, continuous electricity, humidifier, oxygen system which will be charged, etc.

Dining Facilities

Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel is equipped with the top grade dining hall and compartment facilities. The Chinese and Western dishes provided by Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel are the most delicate in Lhasa. At the same time, the service in Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel is also top grade.

Conference Facilities

Conference facilities in Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel include display screen, paperboard, white board, platform, TV, acoustic system, flexible stage, laser point, slide projector, projector, VCD, etc.

Tips: Lhasa Xin Ding Hotel receives VISA card, Peony Card, Golden Spike Card, the Great Wall Card, Dragon Card, Pacific Card, the Eastern Card, Master Card, American Express Card, Diners Club Card and JCB Card.

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