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Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel

Update: Feb. 25th, 2013

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel – Brief Introduction

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is a comprehensive three-star standard hotel, integrating tourism, shopping, dining, entertainment, lodging and catering. It arose with the development of Tibetan tourism industry. It is located on Beijing Middle Road in Lhasa City.

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel was designed based on Tibetan characteristics. The layout of Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is complete Tibetan style. From wood carvings to frescos on walls are designed based on Tibetan local characteristics. Materials of frescos in Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel include grand Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. At the same time, Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel also set a giant "Qiema" based on the most important etiquette in Tibet to give the best wishes to customers from everywhere in the world. Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is located at the center of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbu Lingka, Lalu Wetland and Drepung Monastery in Lhasa City. It is located on the main street in Lhasa City. Around Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel, there are convenient transportation, shops and department store, banks and complete communication facilities.

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel - Service

About service, Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel strictly managed and trained staff based on three-star standard. Under the principle of "customers are friends and relatives", Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel warmly welcomes customers and provides high quality services from various aspects. At the same time, Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel makes timely arrangement based on different requirements of customers, such as train ticket and air ticket booking, vehicle arrangement, etc. Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel, holding the belief that "customers' requirements are our requirements", tries to make every customer feel like returning home.

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel – Guest Room

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel opened in 1999. It was redecorated in December, 2007. There are four floors and 137 guest rooms in Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel, including suite, deluxe standard room, standard room and single room. The area of standard room is from 15 square meters to 25 square meters.

Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel – Facilities

At the same time, Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is also equipped with dining hall, tea house, entertainment center, business center and tourism consultation center.

The tea house of Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is located on the fourth floor of the hotel. The hall of the tea house can contain about 200 guests at the same time. In the tea house, there are 40 compartments. The environment of the tea house is quiet and elegance.

The sauna in Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel occupies 5700 square meters. The first floor is the lobby, area with special style for having bath and the area for having free Tibetan, Chinese and Western buffet, fruits and drinks. The second floor is multifunctional entertainment zone with complete entertainment facilities. The third floor and fourth floor are VIP zone and VIP deluxe compartments.

The area dining hall of Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel is 2300 square meters. The lobby on the first floor can contain 150 persons to have meal at the same. The second floor is set with 18 deluxe compartments which can contain 300 persons to have meal. In Lhasa Shengjiang Hotel, foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner are various and rich.

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