Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel
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Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel

Update: Feb. 18th, 2013

Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel

Brief Introduction of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel

Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel is a four-star standard hotel, belonging to Tibet Gang-Gyan Corporation. It opened in 2009. It is located in center of Lhasa City, near to famous Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Monastery, Barkhor Street and some other sights spots and shopping center. The geography location of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel is very superior, and transportation is very convenient.

Guest Rooms of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel

Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel is equipped with over 160 guest rooms which are in different styles. Among these guest rooms, there are two Tibetan style suites, 4 European style suites, 4 Tibetan style standard rooms, 2 sightseeing standard rooms, 122 deluxe standard rooms and 30 deluxe single rooms. The European style suit is elegantly decorated and well equipped. The area of European style suite is 48 square meters. They are on the second floor of the hotel. In European style suite, there is a big bed which is 1.8 meters wide and 2.0 meters long. Tibetan style suite and Tibetan style standard room are splendid and imposing and with unique Tibetan culture characteristics. It enables you to enjoy the mysterious and profound Tibetan culture. At the same time, the Tibetan style suite is also equipped with a big bed which is 1.8 meters wide and 2.0 meters long. The sightseeing standard room on western section of the hotel enables you to overlook grand Potala Palace when staying on the comfortable bed. In the sightseeing standard room, there are two single beds which are 1.2 meters wide and 2.0 meters long. In addition, the deluxe standard room of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel distribute on the first floor, second floor, third floor and fourth floor. The area of deluxe standard room is 23 square meters. The deluxe standard room is equipped with two single beds which are 1.2 meters wide and 2.0 meters long. Meanwhile, the well-known Jokhang Temple is on south side of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel. The sound of bell in the morning and sound of drum in the evening, as well as the sound of chanting scripture will help you to have a quiet and easy dream. All guest rooms of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel are equipped with free Internet access and domestic long-distance phone.

Facilities and Service of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel

In Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel, there is a business center which provides services of copy, typing, receiving and transmitting e-mails, post, fax, etc. Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel is also equipped with Tibetan style and Chinese style meeting rooms which can contain 100 to 200 persons at the same time, VIP room, teahouse, etc. The dining hall of Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel, which can contain 200 to 300 persons to have meal at the same time, provides travelers from everywhere Tibetan, Chinese and Western delicacies. In addition, Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel provides safe parking space for 24 hours. The health care center in Lhasa Gyang-Gyan Hotel will make you get ride of tiredness in your Tibet tour. Consequently, Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel is an ideal place for entertainment, tourism, vocation and commerce.

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