Tibetan Food – Unique Peng Bi in Shigatse
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Tibetan Food – Unique Peng Bi in Shigatse

Update: Jul. 6th, 2012

Tibetan Food - Peng Bi in Shigatse

Tibetan Food – Introduction of Peng Bi in Shigatse

In our daily life, we often can connect the name of some snack with its place of production. For example, when mention marinated meat in baked bun, we may think about Shanxi; when mention battercake, we will think about Shandong; when mention noodle, we will think about Lanzhou; and when mention barley wine and butter tea, we will think about Tibet and so on. There are some examples about this. In Tibet, when mention Peng Bi, people will think about Shigatse. It is a very famous Tibetan food in Shigatse district. We can see that the Peng Bi almost become the symbol of snack in Shigatse, and gets the favor of people in Shigatse. In some other districts of Tibet, you can not see the mark of Peng Bi.

Tibetan Food – Making Process of Peng Bi

The material of making Peng Bi is very simple. The bean soup which used to make Peng Bi is extracted from the sap of making bean vermicelli. When make the bean vermicelli, first grind bean into powder, after it precipitate, throw away the sap on the surface or use it to feed livestock. The thing on the bottom starch which used to make bean vermicelli, and the dense sap on the middle part of the material of Peng Bi. The smart Shigatse people fully used the dense sap on the middle part, used it to make out unique Shigatse snack. The making process of Peng Bi is first to biul the bean sap into pasty shape. It will form the shape after it cool down. But the taste of Peng Bi will be different as for the spice in it. There are Tibetan scallion, curry powder, oil, minced meat so on in it.

Tibetan Food – Eating Way of Peng Bi

The eating way of Peng BI is also can be called unique. The palm is bowl while fingers are chopsticks. In Shigatse, there is a very famous Peng Bi shop which named Babala. Ths Peng Bi in the Babala can be regarded as the brand of Peng Bi in Shigatse.

Some Shigatse people love Peng Bi very much. So, smart Tibetans caught this commercial opportunity, brought Peng Bi to Lhasa. In the Shotaon Festival of last year, there are Tibetans sell Peng Bi in Norbu Lingka. It is very popular.

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