Tibetan Food – Lulang Chicken Soup Cooked by Stone Pot
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Tibetan Food – Lulang Chicken Soup Cooked by Stone Pot

Update: Jul. 6th, 2012

Tibetan Food - Lulang Chicken Soup Cooked by Stone Pot

The Chicken Soup Cooked by Stone Pot is a famous Tibetan Food in Lulang district. Due to delicious taste and rich nutrients, it becomes one of most famous Tibetan foods. It will make your Tibet tour more worthwhile if you have the chance to taste the Chicken Soup cooked by Stone Pot in your Tibet tour.

Tibetan Food – The Stone Pot Used to Cook Chicken

The original material of Medog stone pot which produced in the cold snow-covered high plateau in Western China is scarce natural steatite on the steep cliff of the both banks of Brahmaputra River. Then, use original cutting tool to carve a single rock into a stone pot. Due to climate factors, the stone pot only can be collected and processed in July and August. Before going out to collect the material of stone pot, Tibetans will first prepare two months' food and firewood. Due to Medong is the only county without public road in China, the stone pot which processed will be moved out by people with their shoulders and back from rugged and narrow road. The stone pot can be used to cook food after it steeped in the water of Brahmanputra River for 30 days. The stone pot contains zinc, calcium and other 14 microelements which are useful for health. The stone pot will be more useful for health if it used for a longer time. The stone pot is with dust color as main color, barrel shape, two to three centimeters thick, and with different size. The Medog stone pot can endure 2000? high temperature, and with passing heat quickly, not stick and not change color and some other strong points. The soup cooked by stone pot will be aromatic and delicious, and infinite aftertaste. Often eating the food which cooked by stone pot will be effective for hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and some other disease. The stone pot is excellent ware for cooking, stewing meat and boiling vegetables.

Tibetan Food – Tibetan Chicken

The Tibetan chicken is native chicken which stocked by local Tibetans. It is a unique kind of chicken in snow-covered Tibet, which can endure cold and poor-oxygen and adapt to the bad climate environment on high plateau, with obvious genetic diversity. The special region and special rearing way make Tibetan chickens become excellent natural food with delicious meat quality, rich protein and Vitamin and low fat content.

The spices of Lulang Chicken Cooked by Stone Pot include ginseng, Dangshen, conic gymnadenia tuber which only produced in Nyingchi, radix-polygoni multiflori, angelica, Tibetan caladium, yam slices, rhizoma gastrodiae, coix seed, lily root, ginger, pepper, red dates, medlar and some other 15 kinds of spices. To use the stream water which flow out from snow mountain to stew the chicken in the stone pot with charcoal fire. Gradually, the soup will become more dense, white and fragrant. The smell of Lulang Chicken cooked by stone pot will float out the restaurant, flow out the Lulang Town, and pervade the Nyang River valley on the south side of Shergyla Mountain.

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