Tibetan Drinks - Production Method and Value of Buttered Tea
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Tibetan Drinks - Production Method and Value of Buttered Tea

Update: Jun. 18th, 2012

tibetan drinks

Tea is one of the popular Tibetan drinks. Tea is divided to buttered tea, sweet tea, green tea. The production methods are different of them. While what they like most is buttered tea, which spread form Tibetan regime in ancient China.

Production Method of Buttered Tea

The making process of buttered tea is as follows:
Use chin brick tea of Sichuan or Yunnan province as raw material, boil out the brick tea for a long time and then filter out the tea leafs. Pour the tea water into the caddy. Take some tea water and add a certain proportional water and salt, and then pour them into “Dongmo”, special barrel for holding buttered tea. Put in butter and stir with a rod back and forth, up and down. When they are mixed evenly, the delicious buttered tea is completed. With the improvement of the society and the growth of people’s living standard, electronic power has come to the Tibetan families. Presently many people stir the buttered tea with electricity, which endow the traditional food custom with modern operating process.

Food Value of Buttered Tea

The butter of buttered tea is of nutritional value. More than one thousand years ago, one Tibetan medical scientist stated the nutrition of butter and function to people in The Four Medical Tantras. He said that the fresh butter can raise the effectiveness of blood and soothe the nerves, make people full of energy, nourish skins, treat mucinous disease and febrile illness. Tibetan Medicine thinks that buttered tea could help to invigorate health effectively in the oxygen deficit environment on plateau, nourish intestines and stomach. Buttered tea could emerge large quantity of heat, thus it could help you defend against the cold. It is splendid and suitable to drink on the plateau. It helps to produce saliva and slake thirst, restore consciousness, prevent from arteriosclerosis, protect human body against aging and has anti-cancer effect. Aromatic substance in the buttered tea could dissolve fat and help to digest. For Tibetan people who are relatively short of fresh vegetables and fruits and stable food are mutton and beef, the buttered tea is of great help. The mean voided volume of people live on the cold and high plateau, drinking tea is a good way for them to maintain balance of moisture inside the body and normal metabolism. Drinking buttered tea could also supplement vitamins.

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