Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food
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Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food

Update: Jul. 6th, 2012

Tibetan Food

There are many distinctive Tibetan foods, which probably only can tasted in Tibet. Now, I would like to introduce some typical delicious Tibetan food to you.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Jiuma

Jiuma is "blood sausage". When kill a yak or lamb, use the fresh blood to mix with tsamba, salt, scallion and some other spices. After the blood fully mixing with tsamba and spices, pour them into the intestines of yak or lamb. Then, the blood sausage can be ate after it cooked in pot by water.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Suokang Bixi

This kind of food often ate by Dalai and Panchen. First put a small amount of ghee into flour. Then, wrap some minced meat into flour. At last, fry the wrapped flour in ghee. Since a plate of delicious "Suokang Bixi" is prepared.

Ten kinds of Tibetan Food – Zhedang Zheguo

First, mix the flour with moderate water and then roll the pastry. After it prepared, cut the pastry into strips and fry it in oil. After that, put the fried pastry into melted brown sugar. At last, take out the pastry from the brown sugar, and put into a box after draining.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Longguo Kazha

First boil the head of lamb in water. After cooked, take off the meat from bones. Then, add some curry, fennel, monosodium glutamate and salt and some other spices into the meat. Then, a dish of delicious Longguo Kazha is done after all spices fully mixed with the meat.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Zhuo Xue

It is a kind of food contains yoghurt. First, boil the sapodilla plum in water. Then mix the sapodilla plum with yoghurt. That's done.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Zhe Xue

It is a kind of food which use scooked rice to mix with yoghurt.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food- Xueguo Momo

The "Xueguo" is potato. First, cook the potato and peel it. Then, mix the prepared potato with flour. After that, wrap the fried minced meat into flour, and roll it in crumbly bread. At last, deeply fry the flour pastry in ghee.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Paza Mogu

First, pinch the flour into small round dough with some warm water. Then, cook the dough in boiled water and drain it. After that, put the cooked dough into a heated pot with ghee in it; at the same time, add moderate brown sugar and milk dregs into it and slowly mix them. This dish is with slight red color, and sweet and sour taste. It is a necessary food in every Tibetan festivals and holidays.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food-Sakang Pali

First, mix the flour with little ghee. Then, roll the dough into plate, and cut it into several lumps. At last, fry the lumps in ghee. Now, some cooks also use rape oil to fry the lumps.

Ten Kinds of Tibetan Food – Jiabure

First, dry the barley which did not fried. Then, use stone grinder to grind the barley into flour. After that, add some water which left after extracting ghee and milk dregs. After the barley flour fully mixed with water, pinch the mixed flour into pie. At last, bake the pie on fire, and add little sugar, ghee on it. It can be eaten after it cooked.

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