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Shigatse Food

Update: Aug. 24th, 2012

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The dietary habit of Shigatse is greatly decided by the special natural environment which is characterized by cold weather, low oxygen content in the air, and rich sunshine. To better adapted to the special objective condition, local Tibetans in Shigatse have used to take Tsampa, butter, red meat, milk products, barley wine and so on. This article aims at introducing some local Shigatse food for tourists planning to make a visit to Shigatse during the Tibet tour.

Shigatse Food – Barley Wine

Barley wine is a common drink which is as noted as Tibetan butter tea on Tibet Plateau. The making process of barley wine is pretty simple. Most of the Tibetan families can make very local barley wine. It always plays important role for entertaining the guests. The raw material of barley wine – barley contains rich dietary fiber which is pretty helpful for tourists to get adapted to the plateau environment quickly.

Besides, the barley also contains unique amylopectin: the amount of amylopectin is over 26 percents than the common amylopectin. It can inhibit acid stomach, and can relieve the disease symptoms. The rich rare contents of barley would help people to enhance the physical health. There are also some old traditions for drinking the barley wine. Tourists should receive the bowl with barley with both hands.

Shigatse Food – Dried Mutton/Beef

Dried mutton/beef is a special Tibetan style snack. It would be made in the end of the year with a temperature of lower than 0? and eat it in February or March of the next year. It is completely depend on the cold weather and flowing air. The making process is pretty natural without modern procedure. The dried mutton/beef tastes pretty crisp and delicious. This kind of dried meat is different from the meat we commonly eat. Because the yak and sheep in Tibet grow up in nature, the taste will be special.

Some of the tourists could not get used to the Tibetan style food during the first period. Actually, the local food will help tourists to get adapted to the special environment with high altitude sooner. Tourists making a Tibet tour and visiting Shigatse are highly advised to have a taste of the dried mutton/beef with high calorie, which could provide you the necessary nutrients and tastes good.

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