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Shannan Food

Update: Aug. 27th, 2012

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The food and drinks in Shannan Prefecture are similar to those of the other regions on Tibet Plateau. Most of the restaurants in Tsedang provide Sichuan style food and local Tibetan style diet. The restaurants here always decorated by some local style factors, such as Thangkas and some other Tibetan handicrafts.

The Tibetan style food in Shannan is characterized by rich types, including various kinds of sausages, desserts, air-dried beef/mutton, barley wine, Tibetan butter tea, yoghurt, Tsampa and some other local style foods which are only available in Shannan. Most of the Tibetan foods provided by the restaurants in Tsedang are pretty local. Tibet Tour could also arrange tourists to make a Tibetan family visiting to witness the making process of Tibetan butter tea and taste the most local Tibetan style foods and drinks. Tourists planning to join such kind of Tibet tour packages should follow the advice of the local guide so as to respect the local traditions and never violate their taboos.

Shannan Food – Crisp Cheese Cake

Crisp cheese cake is one of the most famous Tibetan desserts on Tibet Plateau. It is always used to entertain the important guests by local Tibetan families. It is a healthy and delicious dessert which provides nutrients to your body. The crisp cheese cakes integrated rich materials which have beneficial impacts on health, such as Ginseng. Ginseng is a kind of natural pollution-free nourishing food grew up in the alpine regions with an altitude of more than 3700 meters. It is effective in stomach warming and engendering liquid. It is recorded that ginseng is rich in protein which is effective in improving the immunity and invigorating the vitality.

The crisp cheese cake is favored by people of all ages for its delicious creamy taste. The raw material of crisp chess cake is the white amylum left after extracting the butyric. Various other ingredients, such as butter, white sugar, ginseng, raisin, peach kernel and some other nutritive materials would be added into the dried amylum during the manufacture process. Tourists planning to make a visit to Tsedang in Shannan Prefecture during the Tibet tour could have a taste of the delicate dessert in the restaurant.

Besides, the common food on Tibet Plateau, such as air-dried beef/mutton and Tsampa are also available in the restaurants in Tsedang. It is reported that taking some local food would help you to get adapted to the plateau environment sooner. In addition, some of the restaurants in Tsedang also provide Sichuan style food. Tourists who can't get used to the taste of the Tibetan food could try some other choices.

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