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Qamdo Food

Update: Aug. 28th, 2012

Qamdo Food - Boild Mutton

Qamdo Prefecture is located at the northeast of Tibet. The different natural environment here made Qamdo food quite different compared to the food in other regions. Though the most common Tsampa and Tibetan butter tea on Tibet Plateau is available here, the taste of the basic common foods has their own characteristics. Tibet Tour would like to make a brief introduction of the special local Qamdo food for tourists planning to visit Qamdo during their Tibet tour.

Qamdo Food – Brief Introduction of Qamdo Food

The style of the tableware in Qamdo quite differs from that of the other regions just as the foods. The tableware here is characterized by various and exquisite. They made Qamdo food looks more attractive and delicious. Tourists here would have the chance to eat some delicious foods which are not available in the other regions on Tibet Plateau.

The noted porridge made from coarse cereals and some nutritive dried fruits (such as juglans nut and corn) would provide you necessary nutrients. The famous spiced barley Tsampa here is much more delicious compared to the common Tsampa in the other regions. The Tibetan style hot pot and port wine here also enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here. It should be noted that Qamdo Prefecture integrated the dietary habit of various ethnic groups (such as the Mongolian, Tibetan and Uyghur) due to its special geological location of Qamdo. The special boiled mutton is one of the most noted Qamdo foods.

Qamdo Food – Special Boiled Mutton

The boiled mutton is a traditional Qamdo food and the local Tibetans always eat it with hands only. It is said that the boiled mutton has a history of more than 1000 years. The origin of the boiled mutton has a close relationship to the severe natural environment and special living habit on Tibet Plateau. It is especially favored by the herdsman for they always stay in the wild for dozens of days and it is not convenient to have the meal regularly, but the boiled mutton will make you not feel hungry the whole day.

The midsummer and the early winter is the best season to take the boiled mutton since the mutton would be very fresh and tender during this period. The local Tibetans here always use the fresh boiled mutton to entertain the honored guests. The mutton would provide you the necessary calorie and improve your protection ability against the cold in winter. Hence, tourists planning to visit Qamdo in winter are highly advised to have a taste of the local special boiled mutton.

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