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Nyingchi Food

Update: Aug. 29th, 2012

Nyingchi Food - Chicken stewed by Stone pot

Noted as the Switzerland on Tibet Plateau, Nyingchi not only has a breathtaking natural landscape but also preserved a series of traditional Tibetan customs. The typical Tibetan style food is also available in Nyingchi Prefecture. There are also some special local Nyingchi food for its special geographical location and different climate condition. Tourists come to Nyingchi during the Tibet tour are highly advised to have a taste of the local Nyingchi food so as to experience the different dietary culture in Nyingchi prefecture.

Brief Introduction of Nyingchi Food

Barley is the main food for local Tibetans in Nyingchi Prefecture since the plateau environment here is pretty suitable for the growing of barley. The barley noodle might be the most common food made from barley. Some of the tourists might have heard about Tsampa, which was also made from barley. Just as the Tibetans in other regions on Tibet Plateau, people in Nyingchi also take Tsampa as their daily food.

Butter is another common food for Tibetans living in Nyinchi. The butter and Tsampa always act as a perfect couple. Local Tibetans would always put the Tsampa and butter together and mixed them before taken. The butter is extracted from the raw milk since most of the Tibetan families have raised their own sheep or cow. The butter really plays an important role of local Tibetans. It could not only be the material of Tibetan butter tea, but also used to fry some Tibetan desserts.

Nyingchi Food – Chicken Stewed by Stone Pot

The chicken stewed by stone pot is one of the most noted Nyingchi food. It enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here. It is a quite nutritive dish which is very suitable for tourists come to the plateau environment the first time. It includes some precious materials, such as ginseng, Dangshen, conic gymnadenia tuber which only produced in Nyingchi, radix-polygoni multiflori, angelica, Tibetan caladium, yam slices, rhizoma gastrodiae, coix seed, lily root, ginger, pepper, red dates, medlar and some other 15 kinds of spices.

The soup of the chicken stewed by stone pot is the fresh snow-melt water. The stone pot is excellent ware for cooking, stewing meat and boiling vegetables. The foods stewed by the stone pot are much more delicious and nutritive. The chicken stewed by stone pot is beneficial for people caught a hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and some other diseases.

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