Notes about Eating Tibetan Food
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Notes about Eating Tibetan Food

Update: Jul. 4th, 2012

Tibetan Food

There are various delicious foods in Tibet. As an important way to know more about Tibet, eating Tibetan food is a necessary part of Tibet tour. As a distinctive nationality of China, Tibetan has some special custom. There are some notes about eating Tibetan food should be noted when you visit Tibet.

Notes about Eating Tibetan Food – Tsamba

There are two ways of eating tsamba. The first way is to put the tsamba flour into a bowl with butter tea, and then continuously use hand to turn the bowl so that the tsamba flour can be fully mixed with butter tea. Until the tsamba flour can be pinched to a dollop which named "Ba", it can be put into mouth to eat. Another way of eating tsamba is to put the tsamba into a bowl, then pour some butter tea into the bowl. Stir the tsamba to thin style and eat. Some Tibetans also put tsamba into bone soup, add some meat and vegetables. That is named "tuba", which often eat at night.

Notes about Eating Tibetan Food – Drink Barley Wine

When visitors come to Tibet at common time, Tibetan will present butter tea, while not present wine. If there are guests in festivals or celebrations, the host will toast wine. When toast wine, the host will fill up the bowl (or cup), and present it to guests. After taking over the wine with two hands from the host, the guest should first take three drags on the wine, but not drink the wine up. After guest drink a time, the host will fill up the bowl. When the host fills up the bowl for the third time, the guest should drink up the wine in the bowl. After that, guests who can drink more can drink freely. If guest can not drink, the host will not force guest to drink. It will be impolite action if guests do not complete above drinking actions.

Notes about Eating Tibetan Food - Garlic

On snow-covered high plateau, there are some taboos about eating garlic. Garlic is regarded as spice often used in daily Tibetan food. However, people who want to worship Buddha or go to some sacred places absolutely can not eat garlic, in order to avoid the smell of eating garlic dirty these sacred places. Some people say that people can not go to temples in the day when eat garlic; while some people say that people can not go to temples in three days if eat garlic, and not suitable to go to temples or some other sacred places in seven days. Due to it will take some time to remove the smell of garlic, many piety believers almost do not eat garlic.

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