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Ngari Food

Update: Aug. 27th, 2012

Ngari Food - Mutton Tendon

Tibetan butter tea, Tsampa, red meat always play important role in the daily meals of Tibetans. Local Tibetans also take these foods as their necessary daily food. Tibet Tour would like to introduce some special Ngari food for tourists planning to make a visit to Ngari Plateau.

Ngari Food – Special Food only Available in Ngari

Xiahe Tendon is one of the most famous local special foods in Ngari Prefecture. The main material of this special diet is mutton tendon. It is said that Xiahe Tendon was originated from the Tibetan tribe in Southern Gansu Province. It has been adopted as a famous diet to entertain the honored guests since Ming Dynasty. The taste of this diet is characterized by tender and fresh.

Pickled Pork Lung/Liver is another noted Ngari food among tourists. It is characterized by tasty and appetizing. The local Tibetans would always pickle the pork lung/liver for about one month and tossed it with caraway, seasame oil, chopped green onion, bruised ginger and some other condiments.

Toba is a kind of special Ngari food which is similar to dumpling. It is one of the most important diets on Tibetan New Year Eve. Local Tibetans always put some speciall things represent different meanings in it, such as pebble, charcoal, knitting wool, pepper and so on. Actually, Toba is a kind of recreational food used to build up the festal atmosphere of Tibetan New Year.

Ngari Food – Special Air-dried Beef/Mutton

Though the air-dried beef/mutton is available in other regions on Tibet Plateau, the air-dried beef/mutton on Ngari Plateau is quite different and tastes extremely good. Ngari is noted as "the roof of the roof of the world" for its high altitude. The climate here is characterized by dry air and low temperature. The special climate here made the air-dried beef/mutton here more crisp and delicious.

It should be noted that the fresh vegetables and fruits in Ngari Prefecture are always in short supply for the severe natural environment. Tourists planning to visit Ngari Plateau from Lhasa are highly advised to prepare some solid food to meet the necessary needs during the journey since Ngari is quite depopulated and there is always a long distance between towns.

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