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Nagqu Food

Update: Aug. 28th, 2012

Nagqu Food - Stewed Snow Cock

Local Tibetans in Nagqu Prefecture have their own dietary habit for the special natural environment here. It might be a little hard for tourists to get used to the common daily food here. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to introduce some special local dishes for tourists' reference. Tourists are highly advised to have a taste of the typical local dishes in the special Tibetan style restaurants.

Brief Introduction of Nagqu Food

A large number of herdsmen living on Nagqu Prairie and their living style greatly decided their dietary habit. The barley, wheat and pea are their three major grains while mutton/beef, butter and milk products provide them the necessary nutrients. The barley wine, tea and milk are their main drinks while the brown sugar, white sugar and honey are their major sweet food. Besides, they would also adopt some special precious wild food, such as the ginseng and armillaria luteo-virens.

The endless prairie with running animals here always made tourists be reluctant to leave. Except for the breathtaking natural landscape, tourists here could also have a taste of the special local Nagqu food. There are three famous in Nagqu which are praised as the "three treasures" in northern Tibet – the stewed snow cock and codyceps, the stewed mutton with mushrooms, and the butter-stirred ginseng rice.

Nagqu Food – the Stewed Snow Cock

As we all known, Nagqu Prefecture is rich in precious codyceps resources. The rare codycepts are always adopted as precious Chinese medicinal crops. The snow cock is a special kind of chook living on the plateau. It tastes particularly fresh and tender for it grew up in the environment with high altitude and cold weather. Hence, the stewed snow cock with codyceps is very nutritive and is especially suitable to be taken in winter. This special dish was always used to entertain the honored gusts by local Tibetans in Nagqu Prairie.

Nagqu Food – the Stewed Mutton with Mushrooms

The stewed mutton with mushrooms is another noted Nagqu food. The high altitude and cold weather in Nagqu Prefecture are quite suitable for the growing of various mushrooms. Both the mushrooms and the mutton are very nutritive. Most of the local Tibetans would like to cook this dish in winter so as to improve the protection ability against the cold. Tourists making a visit to Nagqu are highly advised to take a taste of the delicious dish which could provide you the necessary nutrients on Tibet Plateau.

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