Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss
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Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss

Update: Jul. 9th, 2012

Tibetan Food

When travel to Tibet, you should not miss some delicious and special Tibetan food. Now, I would like to recommend some distinctive Tibetan food, which is really worthy to be tasted during your Tibet tour.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss – Butter Tea

In Tibet, in every Tibetan family, you can see ghee everywhere. The ghee is necessary food in Tibetan daily life. The ways of eating ghee is various, and the main ways are to make into butter tea or to mix it with tsamba. Tibetans also use ghee to fry food in festivals. In daily life, Tibetans are very like to drink butter tea. When make butter tea, first boil the brick tea; then, pour the tea into a wooden bucket which named "Dongmo" and add ghee and some salt in it; after that, thrash the "Jialuo" in the wooden bucket for tens times, until the tea and ghee fully mixed; at last, pour the tea into a pot to heat up. So, the fragrance and delicious butter ea is done.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss – Tsamba

Tsamba is Tibetan staple food. When eat tsamba, most Tibetans will pour a little butter tea into the pot, and then add some tsamba flour. Use fingers to mix them continuously, until it the tsamba flour can be pinched into a dollop. When eating, Tibetans will use hand to pinch the tsamba flour in the pot, and then put it into mouth with a dollop. The tsamba is with more nutrients than winter wheat, and more convenience for taking. When go afar, Tibetans only need to take a wooden bowl, tie a pocket of "Tanggu" on waist and take some tea.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss- Fried Lung

Fried Lung is a Tibetan dish. It is named "Luozha" in Tibetan language, which mostly seen in Lhasa. This dish mainly use sheep lung as main material, match with ghee and flour. First boil and then fry. The features of this dish are its light brown color, crisp outside and soft interior, and fragrance and delicious taste.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss – Dried Meat

The dried meat in Tibet is a kind of food which main use beef and mutton as main material. This kind of dried meat is different from the mea meat we commonly eat. Because the yak and sheep in Tibet grow up in nature, the taste will be special. First cut the beef or mutton into pieces or strips, and then, dip them in the liquid of spices. At last, dry the meat after taking it out from the liquid of spices. The taste of dried meat is fragrance and crisp, very delicious.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss – Blood Sausage

Tibetan blood sausage is another special snack of Tibetan nomad people. But the taste of Tibetan blood sausage probably can not be accepted by some common visitors. When kill a yak or sheep in Tibet, Tibetans will not just boil the blood to eat. They will first pour the blood into intestines, and they boil it. When eat the blood sausage, you will not feel the dregs of blood sausage, and the skin of intestines will not drop off. The taste of blood sausage is fragrance and soft, not too greasy or too sticky.

Delicious Tibetan Food You Should Not Miss – Barley Wine

Barley wine is a kind of wine brewed from barley, and with low alcohol content. In Tibet, everyone likes to drink this wine, and it is necessary drink in festivals and important days. The making process of barley wine is very special. First, clean the barley and boil it. After the temperature of barley becoming lower, add some distiller's yeast into it, and put the barley into a pottery pot or wooden bucket and seal the container. After two or three days, add some water into the container and then seal it. One or two days later, the barley wine is done. The barley wine is with orange yellow color, sweet and sour taste, and low alcohol content. It is similar with beer. There is special custom about drinking barley wine that "three tines' drag, one cup". When the guest take a drag on the barley wine, the host will fill the cup; when the guest take another drag on the barley wine, the host will fill it again; the guest should drink up this cup of barley wine for the third time.

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