Tibetan Saga Dawa Festival
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Tibetan Saga Dawa Festival

Update: Feb. 22nd, 2012

Saga Dawa Festival

Time of Saga Dawa Festival

April in Tibetan calendar is "Saga Dawa Festival". It is said that the Buddha Sakyamuni was born in 7th of Saga Dawa month in Iron Monkey Year, and became Buddha in the fifteenth of Saga Dawa month in Wooden Horse Year, passed away in fifteenth of Saga Dawa month in Iron Dragon Year.So, Tibetans regard this month as chanting sutra festival for the three days when Buddha birth, became Buddha and died. And think it is auspicious month. During Saga Dawa festival, every monastery will hold various religious activities.

Origin of Saga Dawa Festival

April 15th in Tibetan calendar is a specific festival in Tibet – Saga Dawa Festival when is the day Sakyamuni born, became Buddha and passed away. So there will hold various activities to commemorate; after long time, these activities change into massive circumambulation around holy mountains.

Custom of Saga Dawa Festival

Prayer is a kind of Tibetan Buddhism form of walking around the loop lines as regulated and praying. There are three pray ways in Lhasa city. The first one is Nangguo which is around the main hall in Jokhang Temple. The whole way is full of prayer wheels, extending 500 meters. It is inner loop way. "Nangguo" in Tibetan language means inner loop.

The second way is Barkhor Street, rounding Jokhang Temple, extending 1000 meters. It is middle loop way. In Tibetan language, "Baguo" means middle loop. The third one is Linguo way, rounding the old Lhasa city, extending 5000 meters which is outside loop way. In Tibetan language,"Linguo" means outside loop. People pray in nangguo and Barkhor Street every day, while they just pray in Linguo way in important days.

In Saga Dawa Festival, prayer in Linguo is the most grand. From the first day, people will pray at there. In the fifteenth day, the prayer will come into climax. From 2 o'clock to the night, people will pray here without break. In this day, Tibetans will dress festival clothes, pray and chant sutra. April in Tibetan calendar is Buddhism month which is named "Saga Dawa" in Tibetan language. Tibetans in every district will pray, chant sutra, prostrate in prayer, prohibit butcher livestock, and collect merits.

Saga Dawa Festival is Tibetans traditional festival in Lhasa district. It is held in April 15th, at Dragon King Pool which is behind Potala Palace. With development, Saga Dawa Festival becomes a mass festival for Tibetans to visit garden and celebrate harvest. In this day of every year, Tibetans in Lhasa will come to Dragon King Pool to take part in activites.

Taboos in Saga Dawa Festival

1.The most important taboo in Tibetan is killing life. Although they eat beef and mutton, they don't butcher by themselves. Tibetans are prohibited to have donkey, horse and dog meat. People also don't eat fish in some districts.

2.When drinking butter tea, the customer must take the butter tea after the host presents it to you with two hands.

3.It is prohibit that spitting or clapping hand after someone.

4.Prayer wheel should turn in clockwise.

5.Don't touch other's head.

6.When you come into monastery, don't smoke, touch Buddha, turn sutra, knock bell. Don't use hands to touch the talisman which is hanging on Lama, prayer beads and other religious things.

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