Etiquettes on Tea Drinking in Tibet
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Etiquettes on Tea Drinking in Tibet

Update: Dec. 25th, 2012

Tea drinking in Tibet

Tea drinking takes an important part in the daily life of local Tibetans and etiquettes on tea drinking had been formed long time ago. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would always arrange tourists a local Tibetan family visiting so as to provide tourists the chance to take a close of look of the daily life of Tibetans. There is a famous saying goes that do as Romans do when in Rome. It is quite necessary to learn some knowledge about etiquettes on tea drinking in Tibet so as to better respect the local traditions.

Etiquettes on Tea Drinking in Tibetan Ceremonies

Among all the Tibetan etiquettes, respect the aged ones always ranks first. The local Tibetans would always serve the first cup pf tea for their parents and elders. To show the special respect to the honored guests, the local Tibetans would always wash the tea cup with clean water again in front of the guests and then pour the tea into the cup. The hosts would keep pouring tea into the gests' cup till the guests' polite "rejection". Generally, the hosts would not force you if you show that you really enjoyed the tea.

The Tibetan butter oil tea has already been a daily drink and common gift for local Tibetans. They would always prepare a pot of hot tea to visit a patient or as a goodbye gift for a friend. Tourists making a Tibet tour are always advised to try to drink some Tibetan butter oil tea since it is of rich nutrients and is quite helpful for your adaptation to the plateau environment.

Tea would always play important role in the local wedding, funeral or some other important ceremonies in Tibet. It would be a part of dowry in an engagement ceremony. The amount of the tea has been regarded as a symbol of the wealth of the bride's family. The tea has been a carrier of the blessings in a wedding ceremony. The puerpera would also be blessed with tea. The lamas engaged in the religious ceremonies on a Tibetan funeral would be served with Tibetan butter oil tea every day.

Etiquettes on Tea Drinking in Tibetan Monasteries

There is strict rule regarding the etiquettes on tea drinking in Tibetan monasteries. The lamas would sit down according to their ranks in the monastery when all the lamas drinking tea together. All the lamas would drink the tea quietly in a dignified pose.

Tourists making a Tibet tour will have the chance to explore the Tibetan tea culture in the tea houses. There are various tea houses in Lhasa, among which Makye Ame is the most noted ones. It has mysterious legend regarding the Sixth Dalai Lama - Tsangyang Gyatso. It would be a wonderful experience to enjoy the streetscape of Barkhor Street while drinking the delicious tea.

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