Weather in Ngari
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Weather in Ngari

Update: Apr. 23rd, 2012

weather in ngari

Tibet is the roof of the world and Ngari is the roof of Tibet. Many adventurers attracted by the unique plateau scenery come to Ngari to explore. Locates in the western part of Tibet, the altitude of Ngari is high and the natural condition is harsh, including the weather condition.

Weather in Ngari - Temperature

The weather in Ngari is cold and dry. The average temperature in Ngari is about 19?. The temperature difference between day and night in Ngari where the altitude is above 5000 meters is big. The temperature of the daytime in august is above 10? but it is below 0? at night time. The temperature difference is so large that we can describe the weather in Ngari like this: wear cotton-padded jacket at night and thin veil at noon. In Shiquanhe town, it is cold all the year round. The annual average temperature is only 0?. The extreme minimum temperature of winter is as low as -41?. And the extreme maximum temperature is 21?. It is relatively warm in the south in Burang and Zhada County, which are the major farm belts in Ngari.

Weather in Ngari - Rainfall

Ngari receives very little precipitation. The rainfall concentrates in May to September. During the months, the rainfall reaches more than 80 percent of the whole rainfall of the year. The road is very muddy to walk in rainy days. While from October to April of the next year, the total rainfall is only 10 percent to 20 percent.

Weather in Ngari - Wind

Ngari enjoys a plateau monsoon climate. In summer, the monsoon from the Indian Ocean may bring precipitation to this area. During winter and spring, gales frequently occur and the temperature may drop sharply. The mean wind speed in Ngari is 3.2 meters per second. Annual gale time reaches about 149 days.

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