Extreme Weather in Ngari
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Extreme Weather in Ngari

Update: Apr. 25th, 2012

weather in Ngari

Information from weather bureau of Ngari in Tibet says that weather of Ngari in 2007 is abnormal with frequent snowstorm, higher temperature than normal and frequent windstorm.

Extreme Weather in Ngari of 2007

Extreme Weather in Ngari – Snowstorm

An outstanding feature of the extreme weather in Ngari was the frequent snowstorm, meteorological expert says. Pulan County and Ge’er County snowed in May. From March 13th, the Daban section of 219 State Road was heavily covered with snow. Average thickness reached 50cm, which led the road be cut off for nearly 100 hours. It caused cold injury to several people, one of which was injured seriously. Some vehicles were more or less damaged. On May 12th, moderate snow came in Gaize County in Ngari, which lasted for 20 hours. The amount precipitation was 24.5 mm and the snow depth was 11.1 cm. It was the biggest snowfall in May of the recent 13 years related to the snow time, precipitation and snow depth.

Extreme Weather in Ngari - High Temperature

High temperature was another outstanding feature of the weather in Ngari in 2007. It was 2 degrees higher in most of the areas in Ngari prefecture. While the rainfall reduced by 2~9 percent. In December, the temperature of Gaize in Ngari was exceptionally high. The monthly average temperature of the year was 5 degrees higher than average temperature of recent years. The material indicated that the rainfall in Quanshihe was 100 percent less than last year. And the temperature was relatively 0.6?, 0.9? and 2.5? higher in October, November and December compared with the same period of last year. It did not rain in October and November in Gaize County. In Pulan, high temperature continued for 7 months. Lacking of rainfall brought great challenge to agriculture and animal husbandry.

Extreme Weather in Ngari – Windstorm

In December, windstorm and sandstorm continued for 9 days, which created a new record in the weather recording of recent 20 years. While usually, windstorm and sandstorm happens in the spring.

The significance of the Extreme Weather in Ngari

Ngari, called “the roof of the world’s roof”, is the closest place to the sun on the earth. It is one of the places that are sensitive to the global warming. Meteorological experts say that extreme weather in Ngari indicates that the climate is going to an unpredictable way. Therefore we should attach great importance to research the extreme weather in Ngari.

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