Kagyu Sect - Phagdru Kagyu
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Kagyu Sect - Phagdru Kagyu

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Phagdru Kagyu

Phagdru Kagyu – the Origin of the Name

Phagdru Kagyu was founded by Phagmo Drupa Dorje Gyalpo (1110–1174) who have learned different teachings of kadam Sect, Nyingma Sect and Sakya Sect. Later he formally acknowledged Dapu Laje as his master and began to learn the teachings that combined with Kadam Sect and Kagyu Sect by Dapu Laje.

After the death of his master he greatly promoted the teachings. In 1158, he constructed the main monastery of Phagdru Sect in Phagmudru and began to teach the disciples. The name of the Phagmudru is called Phagdru for short, and that's the origin of the Phagdru Sect.

There are more than 800 disciples following because the high appraisement of Phagmo Drupa. With the fast development, eight of branches of Phagdru Kagyu have been established later by the disciples.

Phagdru Kagyu - Phagdru Family

Phagmo Drupa died in 1170 and one of the disciples Drigungpa began to manage the main monastery. With the difficulties of economy, Drigungpa quit the job.

In 1198, Drigungpa transferred some properties and some Buddhist scriptures of the Monastery when he took charge of extending the main hall of the main monastery with another disciple together. After that, most of the disciples quarreled with him.

In 1208, one of the people of Lung Family Drakpa Jonai, who was the disciple of Drigungpa became the abbot of the main monastery. Drakpa Jonai has been called "Kinr" which means the people in front of the eye, that is to say, Drakpa Jonai would able to be ordered by Drigungpa. Since then on, the abbot was usually taken by the people of Lung Family, which the generations became call them Phagdru Family.

Phagdru Kagyu – Power of Tibet Region

During the time of Yuan Dynasty, Phagdru Family has developed as a large clan with lots of people. In the 14 century, Phagdru Sect took the political power displaced Sakya Sect by Tai Situ Changchub Gyaltsen who built the Tsedang monastery later.

At the beginning of Ming Dynasty, Drakpa Gyaltsen (1374 - 1432) has been awarded by the Yongle Emperor, which meant Phagdru Sect took the charge of Tibet Region.

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