Qumar River
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Qumar River

Update: Sep. 24th, 2012

Qumar River

The Qumar River is a big river on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and one of the three source rivers of Yangtze River. It is located on south border of Hoh Xil. The hirst of it is in strange red. The Qumar River in Tibetan language means "red water river".

Qumar River- Introduction

The Qumar River is the north source of Yangtze River. It is located in west of Qinghai Province. It originates from the southern foot of Hoh Xil Mountain, the southern branch of Kunlun Mountain. The altitude is about 5432 meters. It flows over Duoergaitso (means stone lake in Tibetan), and flows into the Tongtian River on the west of Qumarlai County. The 515 meters long Qumar River covers 20,800 square meters. The annual volume of runoff is 574 million cubic meters. The upstream basin of Qumar River is Hoh Xil Pasture, with green grass and some streams.

Qumar River - History

The Qumar River originates from the east mountain foot of Hoh Xil Mountain which is about 150 kilometers to the Yeluosu Lake. Although the altitude of Qumar River is about 5000 meters, the terrain slopes gently. The water amount in upstream of Qumar River is less. In the downstream, it receives the smelting water on south slope of Kunlun Mountain and some underground water, the flow amount obviously increase. The Qumar River flows toward east after Fayuan. It passes through Yelusu Lake and Qinghai-Tibet Highway, and then turn to south at last. At the point about 200 kilometers to the estuary of Dam River, it flows into the Tongtian River.

The upstream of Qumar River basin is a part of Hoh Xil. The Hoh Xil connects with Alkin of Xijiang and the Qiangtang of Tibet. It is one of the largest " no man land" of China, and the district with most giant wild animals in China.

The Qumar River - Qumar River Bridge

The Qumar River Station is located on the center of migration passage for Tibetan antelopes on Kunlun Mountain. You can see the Qumar River Bridge which built for the migration of Tibetan antelopes at the Qumar River Station. This bridge is 2565 meters long. The 78 apertures on this bridge is the passage for Tibetan antelopes and other wild animals. In June, July and August in every year, you can see herds of Tibetan antelopes passing through the bridge from east to west of Kunlun Mountain, coming into the Hoh Xil.

If you are lucky enough, you may see small groups of Tibetan antelope, kiang, wild yak, white-lipped deer and wolf and some other rare animals.

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