Northern Tibet Grassland
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Northern Tibet Grassland

Update: Sep. 26th, 2012

Northern Tibet Grassland

Northern Tibet Grassland - Introduction

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway crosses the Northern Tibet Grassland with over 300 kilometers. Travelers who have Tibet train tours can fully enjoy the grassland scene of "herds of cattle and sheep are partly hidden and partly visible by the wind blowing over the grasses" just on the train.

After climbing over the Tanggula Mountain Pass,the train comes into the Anduo County in Nagqu Prefecture,Tibet. That's the beautiful Northern Tibet Gralsand. The Northern Tibet Grassland is a broad concept. It includes the Nagqu Prefecture in Northern Tibetan and parts of Ngari Prefecture.The Northern Tibet Grassland is with lush water plants and stout and strong cattle and sheep.

Northern Tibet Grassland - Animal

The Northern Tibet Grassland is also named "Qiangtang Grassland". The Qiangtang National Natural Reserve is also located in the Northern Tibet Grassland. The whole Northern Tibet Grassland covers 29.80 million hectares. It is the perch of wild yak, Tibetan antelope, equus kiang, argali, goa, lepus oiostolus, black-necked crane and some other valuable and rare animals.

Northern Tibet Grassland - Festival

In August in every year, the Nagqu, Damxung and some other districts in Northern Tibet will hold grand Horse Racing Festival. During the festival, except for the performances of horse race, yak race, shooting on horse back and some other traditional sports, there are distinctive Tibetan weight lifting, tug-of-war, stone moving, Tibetan fashion show and some other wonderful activities. The local herdsmen will put up colorful tents on the grassland. When night falls on the grassland, the herdsmen will gather around the campfire to dance happy Guozhuang Dance and sing beautiful songs. At this moment, the Northern Tibet Grassland becomes the ocean of happiness.

Northern Tibet Grassland - Note

Please do not disturb the wild animals and livestock along the way.

Travelers are suggested to go with a translator if want to communicate with local herdsmen, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

Please pay attention to the environment protection on Tibet Northern Grassland.

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