Nietang Monastery
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Nietang Monastery

Update: Dec. 27th, 2012

Cliffside Inscription of Nietang Buddha

Brief Introduction of Nietang Monastery

Although Nietang Monastery is very small, it is very important for the propagation of Tibetan Buddhism.

When you take bus from Lhasa Gonggar Airport to Lhasa, at the place where is about 20kilometers away from Lhasa, you will see a clean, simple and unsophisticated monastery on the north side of the highway. That's Nietang Zhuoma Lakhang Tara Hieron. It is also named Nietang Monastery. In the 11th century, Tibet just experienced turbulent situation and activity of destroying Buddhism. The propagation of Tibetan Buddhism was greatly affected. In 1406, Adixia who was famous master in late grand period of Tibetan Buddhism was invited to Nietang by his disciple – Zhongdunba. Adixia stayed there to take disciples and propagate Buddhism disciplines. In 1054, Adixia died there. The disciples of Adixia built the Nietang Monastery to enshrine the statue of Speech Tara who is respected by Adixia Master. The corpse of Adixia was buried in the pagodas near the Nietang Monastery. Until now, the Nietang Monastery has over thousand years' history. The incense at the relic of Nietang Monastery is particular exuberant, and various pilgrims come to visit there. Among these pilgrims, there are pilgrims from Bengali which was the hometown of Adixia.

There is famous Cliffside inscription of Nietang Buddha on east of the Nietang Monastery. It is just located on the side of road. It faces with a vast expanse of water which is beautiful landscape near Lhasa. Almost all visitors will get off car to take photos in front of the inscription of Nietang Buddha when pass by there.

Tips of Visiting Nietang Monastery


Presently, there is no scheduled bus to Riduo Hot Spring directly. If you want to visit the Nietang Monastery in your Tibet tour, you are suggested to charter a car, or pay a visit to the Nietang Monastery on the way from Lhasa to Nyingchi. You are suggested to confirm the cost of chartered car with the driver in advance.

Entrance Ticket

The entrance ticket of natatorium is 40 CNY for each person. The price of small compartment is 120 CNY for each one and the price of large compartment is 150 CNY. In the high season of Tibet tour, the price is for two hours.


If you want to spend the night near Nietang Monastery, you are suggested to stay in Riduo Hot Spring Villa. There are 25 guest rooms in Riduo Hot Spring Villa. The price of standard room is about 50 CNY for each bed. The price may be cheaper in low season of Tibet tour.

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