Dragon King Park
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Dragon King Park

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Dragon King Park

Dragon King Park is one of the famous garden architectures in Lhasa. It is located behind Potala Palace and is constructed against the terrain of the Potala Hill.

Dragon King Park – Brief Introduction

Dragon King Park was built during the regime of the Sixth Dalai Lama. The Dragon King Pond was formed during the regime of the Fifth Dalai Lama. Behind Potala Palace, a pond was left after the earth was collected here for the construction of Potala Palace on middle 17th century.

Dragon King Park stretches 610 meters from the east to the west. It is 303 meters at its widest and 20.5 meters at its narrowest from the south to the north. There is an entrance at the east and the south of the park.

There is a pond called Dragon King Pond in the park. It is 270 meters long from the east to the west and 112 meters wide from the south to the north. There is an irregular round island with a diameter of about 42 meters. There is a five-arch stone bridge connects the island with the land. The island is covered with dense forests. There is also a three-storey palace on the island. It is a typical Buddhism-style palace. The palace faces the south

Dragon King Park - History

The Sixth Dalai Lama – Tsangyang Gyatso built a three-storey pavilion on the island in the middle of Dragon King Pond for taking a rest. It was named Dragon King Pavilion for a statue of Dragon King in it.

The Eighth Dalai Lama repaired Dragon King Park after 1791. He also manufactured some statues related to Princess Wencheng of Chinese Tang Dynasty and placed them in the park. The Thirteenth Dalai Lama also restored Dragon King Park.

After liberation, the local government attached great importance to the interesting places. Dragon King Park was well protected. It has developed into a large modern park. There are children's park and lounge halls in the park. It has been a comfortable place for sightseeing and recreation for local people and tourists.

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